Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Introspective Inquiries

February 12, 2021 Season 2 Episode 16
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Introspective Inquiries
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This week's podcast lightens up the intensity of the times, focusing on bringing gentle and loving relief to the stressors. I wrote the music and words under the wonderful canopy of support provided by my own circle. Sometimes the most complex struggles just need a little love and then they don't feel so bad. I can create your own musical soundtrack that is relevant to your current life's challenges:

GH – Introspective Inquiries

Welcome to Guided harmonies, a podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. Today’s episode, Internal Inquiries, is a light and loving piece that encourages positivity. It was inspired by my own friends, who responded to my request for support this past week. I compose words to my music to lead you through an internal exploration. The frequencies in my music will connect to your body’s own frequencies and vibrations. If you feel there are others who could benefit from my podcast, please consider rating it on your download site. 

Let’s get started: 

Find a quiet place and sit back with your eyes closed. Lie down if you are able. Then just let the Guided Harmonies do their thing: 

Take a moment to check in with your body. :20 What can you feel as you listen? Do not change anything, Just notice. Are there any areas of tightness or pain? What parts of you feel heavy and relaxed? How deeply are you breathing? 

People are facing many challenges right now, especially due to the current pandemic. For some, there are financial strains. For others, there is isolation & loneliness. There are those that have lost someone they love. Some people struggle with being in closer quarters with their loved ones than usual. There are people that feel taxed by the external restrictions. Some worry most about the well-being of their family & friends. Others struggle with the unknown around the future and the time it will take to feel some relief. What is your greatest challenge?

If you were to pick the biggest challenge you are currently facing, what would it be? There will only be one. Try not think about it too much, instead, simply breathe and allow that one thing to float to the surface of your consciousness. 

Check in with your body and your breathing. What do you notice compared to earlier? Has anything changed? Just be curious.

As you consider this pandemic, there have been positive impacts as well. 3:30 Take some time to reflect upon these positive impacts in your own life. For some, it is having more quality time with family. Others have discovered a resiliency they didn’t know they had. There are those that have found relief by discovering new creative pursuits. Some people have had more time to invest in their physical health, exercising more and making healthier meals than usual. There are people that have reconnected with old friends online. Some have decluttered and reorganized their homes. What is it for you?

When you reflect upon how the pandemic has had positive impact for you, See if you can Pick just one thing that has been the most beneficial. Once again, try to not think about it too much, just sit back and allow your choice to come to you, floating into the surface of your consciousness. 

Now check in with your body and notice how smooth your breathing is. How much effort is there in your inhales and exhales? Is there any way you can dissolve any of that effort simply by imagining it, allowing your body to take in air however it needs? And as you feel the effort lift, can you gently and lovingly invite your breaths to travel deeper toward your pelvis? Can you notice more expansion in your ribs, sending your inhales out toward your shoulders? 

Now revisit those areas of tension or pain you noticed before. Could you imagine your gentle and expansive breaths surrounding those areas, like a cloud enveloping a mountain peak? Do not force anything, just breathe it in and out.

When you feel your tensions and stresses from a gentle place of inquiry, you can often relieve those tensions simply by imagining it into happen. This is how subtly our mind works. We CAN be in hardships without feeling them so hard. We just have to ask ourselves not to. . . 

And this is what you have done here today.

If you are planning to open your eyes to continue with your day, take as much time as you need before you let in the light. Begin to increase the energy you put into your breathing, in anticipation of coming back into consciousness. 

Thank you for joining me today.