Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Awakenings

March 12, 2021 Margaret Dahlberg Season 3 Episode 1
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Awakenings
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Welcome to Season 3! This weeks episode connects us to the loving, guiding and healing energy that surrounds us. Lie back et the music channel the energy of the earth and sun. Take a journey into a greater sense of wellness. I compose, counsel, & educate. Check out my website here:


Welcome to Guided Harmonies, a podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. Today’s episode, Awakenings, is about using what already surrounds you to feel your energy and power. The music I created is designed to connect its vibrations & frequencies to the vibrations in your own body.  

Let’s get started. 

Find a quiet place and sit back or lie down and close your eyes. From there just let the Guided Harmonies do their thing. 

As you inhale while the music surrounds you, can you imagine that with each breath, you are allowing the vibrations & frequencies of the music to enter your body? Imagine that the music expands your breaths, encouraging them to deepen as this music travels into your body. Can you feel these musical frequencies to move all the way down to the tips of your toes? Imagine that this music is expanding from those tips of your toes all the way to the very top of your skull. Picture 2 soft and silky paint brushes in each hand and that you can trace lines all the way from the tips of your toes on each foot, up your legs, along your pelvis & hips, past your belly & solar plexus & through your chest, neck & skull, arriving at the top of your head. 

Continue to explore the feeling of these lines moving up your body. Think about the vibrations and frequencies of the earth. Imagine the powerful core of the earth and all of the energy and power that keeps everything alive on our planet. As you breathe in, can you imagine that you are able to draw that energy all the way up from the center of the planet into your toes, meeting the music and its vibrations, following that line up to the top of your skull. Take some time to play with this concept, focusing on your breaths, the music and your paint brushes.  

Now picture our hot sun, as it sends energy to us all, granting us life. Imagine that luxurious sense of warmth enveloping you while you breathe in the earth’s core energy as the music’s vibrations fill your body. Imagine your paintbrush lines starting from the bottom as the sun’s energy enters at the top of your skull. Imagine these powerful energies coming together, right at your own core. That place within you in which you feel your own strength & power. 

Picture a triangle, the sun is at one point, the earth at another and the music at the third. You stand in the centre. Through the vibrations of the music, you are now connected with the powerful energy of the earth and the sun. Using the music as a channel, you breathe the energy of the earth up through your body and then draw the energy of the sun back down through your body, creating a circular cycle in which you draw upon the source of life. Everything meets at your core, energizing your personal life force. Sit with this a awhile, allowing yourself to experience this circular cycle.

Check in with your body. What do you notice? Do you feel energy and vitality? Does your body feel more alive and awake now than it did earlier? As you feel a greater sense of well-being, see if you can expand it into a sense of gratitude to yourself. Gratitude for showing up. Gratitude for pressing play. Gratitude for being open. And finally, gratitude for feeling better.

Do not rush the process of coming back into consciousness. Take as much time as you need to let the light back in.

Thank you for joining me today.