Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Seeking Peace

March 19, 2021 Margaret Dahlberg Season 3 Episode 2
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Seeking Peace
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Today’s episode is dedicated to an old friend whose attitude inspires me to remember that no matter what we have been through, we may find peace, even though we become derailed from time to time. Let me create your own personal Guided Harmonies:

Seeking Peace

Welcome to Guided Harmonies, a podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. My name is Margaret Dahlberg and today’s episode “Seeking Peace” is dedicated to an old friend whose attitude inspires me to remember that No matter what we have been through, we may find peace, even though we become derailed from time to time. When you listen to this podcast, the vibrations and frequencies in the music will connect to your body’s own vibrations and frequencies, inviting you to find your centre and feel a greater sense of well being.

Let’s get started.

Find a quiet place, sit back or lie down and close your eyes. From there you may let the Guided Harmonies do their thing. 

As the music surrounds you, check in with your body. Notice how heavily it rests against that which supports you. There is no need to change anything. Just feel your feet, the backs of your legs and hips, your back & shoulders, your neck and your skull. Now be curious: is there anything you can let go of to create a deeper sense of relaxation in your body. 

Notice your breathing. Is it deep or shallow? Do your ribs expand and contract with your breaths? How far does the air move toward your pelvis or your shoulders? See if you can gently invite your breaths to deepen without forcing anything. 

There are many things swirling around in our lives nowadays. Living within the pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty. What fits for you? What are you feeling more unsure of nowadays? Do you find yourself searching for answers more than usual? Have you been more scrutinizing about the aspects of your life you can control? Your relationships, your career or your health? 

As you consider these words, check in with your body and your breathing. Has anything changed as you reflect upon your uncertainty. Be tender yet encouraging with yourself and invite yourself to return to a deeper sense of heaviness and more expansive breaths as you did before. 

When it comes right down to it, what we are truly seeking is relief. Relief from that which has been threatening our sense of normalcy for more than a year. Relief form worrying about our health, or the health of others. Relief from worrying about our freedoms. Relief from worrying about our finances or careers. Relief from worrying about our relationships. Relief.

What would relief look like for you? What part of your life do you need relief from worrying about? 

We cannot change what happens around us. But we can change how we respond to it. You know this, for you have experienced this before, whether intentionally or not. All it took was some kind of activity or experience that connected you to your centre. What do you know about this? 

Your sense of peace is accessible when you connect to the core of you. And all it takes is doing the things that you know will bring you there. Right now, it is these words and this music. So just breathe and take it in. Feel the vibrations of the music supporting you here now. And if you notice a hitch in your sense of peace, breathe right into it, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Invite that hitch to expand, even if it brings pain or emotion with it. It will pass. Just continue to breathe and feel the music. You are safe here. You are loved here, for it is your own love that brings you here now. 

Just Breathe.