Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Resignation & Surrender

March 29, 2021 Margaret Dahlberg Season 3 Episode 3
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Resignation & Surrender
Show Notes Transcript

When we resign ourselves to our reality, this creates an opportunity for surrender. This allows for a greater sense of core acceptance for ourselves and all that is. Guided Harmonies is a podcast that represents the therapeutic music and words I like to create to help people feel better. I can create a personal one just for you!

Resignation & surrender        

Welcome to guided harmonies, a podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. My name is Margaret Dahlberg and this episode, Resignation & Surrender, is all about getting to know your deeper self. The frequencies and vibrations of this music will connect to your body and its different vibrations & frequencies, creating a greater sense of well being. Meanwhile, the words will invite you to learn more about yourself and your patterns. 

Let’s get started.

Find a quiet place and sit back or lie down. Close your eyes and let the music do its thing. 

As the music surrounds you, check in with your breathing. Do you notice stillness or movement in your torso? If there is movement, be curious about whether it is forced. If there is stillness, look for any holding. There is no need to change anything. Take this moment to learn about where you are starting from. 

Take a moment to reflect upon what you noticed in your breathing. When our breathing is more still, it can come from avoidance or fear. We may be trying to maintain a sense of control. Does this fit for you? Maybe you have another idea? There is no right or wrong, only inquiry.

When our breathing is more forced, it can be an indication that we are working too hard to make things happen. Maybe we are allowing our thoughts to dictate what our body needs. Does this fit for you? If not, think about your own truth.

As you reflect upon your own state of breathing, think about your life patterns. When do you have a tendency toward stillness or over-exertion in your life? See if you can Simply make an observation about yourself without judgment. It is likely that this pattern of yours has created much success in your life. Sure it may create challenges as well; This is part of being human: this paradox that our strengths are also our weaknesses. We may resign ourselves to this reality for it is a beautiful thing. 

Our patterns of stillness versus over-exertion are often aspects of our psychological wiring that we cannot change nor ignore. Plus, at the core of our being, we are truly seeking acceptance. Yet sometimes trying to change or ignore feels easier. For Acceptance comes from love. And for most of us, love has been messy at times. This is a reality that we are resigned to as humans on this planet. 

Be curious as you think about how you can create greater sense of ease in your inhales and exhales? Sometimes it helps to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Sometimes it helps to search for any physical tensions and focus on letting them go. 

Sometimes it helps to envision a gentle and coaxing swirl of air that enters and gradually expands toward your pelvis and shoulders. Either way, a surrender is required to create a greater sense of ease in your breathing. 

To surrender, one must let go. Imagine that you could just gently invite yourself to do so without any complications? Just Check in with your body as you breathe and seek out any tension or holding. And if your thoughts or feelings are distracting, simply tune into the music. Listen for the piano, the strings or the choir.

Check in  with your breathing now. Do you notice a sense of easy expansion with your inhales & your exhales?

You are here now in a new place of ease and flow. For Although they may seem quite different, resignation & surrender are simply about acceptance, which lies at the surface of love.