The Mile 99 Interview

Episode 111 - Scott Vosburg

December 15, 2023 The Mile 99 Interview Season 4 Episode 111
The Mile 99 Interview
Episode 111 - Scott Vosburg
Show Notes

In this episode, we delve into the early life and exploits of Scott Vosburg, an avid runner on all surfaces, dedicated father, and integral volunteer within our local race community. With 13 finishes at CIM (California International Marathon) and a noteworthy record of completing the grueling Western States 100-mile race six times over the past 11 years, Scott's journey is one steeped in endurance and commitment.

Beyond his personal achievements, Scott plays a pivotal role as the pace group coordinator at CIM, ensuring the seamless progression of runners during this popular Boston qualifying marathon. Additionally, his involvement as the crew chief for the History Expeditions team adds to his contributions back to the community.

Join us as we explore the motivations, challenges, and the enriching aspects of volunteering within the running sphere, all through the lens of Scott's remarkable experiences and race achievements.

Scott's race results
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