UnScripted: Authentic Leadership Podcast

Get Out Of That Funk! #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast

May 02, 2021 John Lebrun & La'Fayette Lane Episode 36
UnScripted: Authentic Leadership Podcast
Get Out Of That Funk! #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast
Show Notes

 One of the hardest things to be as a leader is vulnerable. You may feel as if you're on the mountaintop one day but in the valley the next. The truth of the matter is every leader has  experienced this in some form, shape, or fashion. We must understand this all stems from not dealing with the mental aspects of leadership. Leadership begins and ends in the mind. To lead effectively we must understand what is going on inside of us, so that not only can we lead others, but we can lead ourselves! Hit that PLAY and SHARE button to hear more of this riveting and thought-provoking conversation!

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