UnScripted: Authentic Leadership Podcast

How To Build An Empire While Raising A Family! Feat. Dwan Bent -Twyford

August 15, 2021 John LeBrun & La'Fayette Lane Episode 51
UnScripted: Authentic Leadership Podcast
How To Build An Empire While Raising A Family! Feat. Dwan Bent -Twyford
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 🏘️ In this episode, John and La'Fayette are joined by special guest Dwan Bent-Twyford, a Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host, Best Selling Author and keynote speaker. Dwan started as a broke, single mom, who had been fired from Denny's. Having nowhere to go but UP, she climbed her way to the top of the real estate investing food chain owning rentals, commercial buildings, becoming an International trainer, a best-selling author several times over, and much more! Hit that PLAY & SHARE button to hear more about how you too can build an empire while raising a family!

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Welcome to the unscripted Authentic Leadership Podcast. A podcast we are seeking to lead change while also seeking to understand. We're also here is a platform for leaders to come together, to unite, to develop and empower other leaders in the areas of business, family, faith and community. I'm your host, La'Fayette Lane Joined by my co-host, John LeBrun. Today, we are joined by special guest Dwan Bent-Twyford . You already know what it is. Go ahead and put those hands together. Put those clapping. Mozz in the comments section for our special guest today who has joined us to have a conversation about how to build an empire while raising a family. Just a little bit about Dwan. She is America's most sought after real estate investor who started as a single mom who had been fired from Deniece. She has personally flipped over 2000 properties and taught thousands of people how to become financially free. She's affectionately known as the queen of short sales and is considered to be the nation's number one expert on short sales and foreclosures. She's written a couple of bestsellers short sales, pre foreclosure investing, how to sell a house when it's worth less than the mortgage. And her most recent New York Times best seller was written with Steve Forbes. Success on nomics. She's also a highly sought after and has been featured on Fox and Friends, MSNBC. Good morning, Colorado Company and many other TV radio podcasts and print media. And today, she has joined us here on the unscripted Authentic Leadership Podcast. Thank you for coming on. Let's get right into the conversation. Thanks for having me, guys. I'm super excited to be here with you today. Absolutely. Absolutely. Now we're talking about how to build an empire while raising a family. But before we get to how you built that empire, I have to start with your back story as a single mother raising a family working there at Denny's. Tell us, how did you go from being a single mother to getting involved in real estate and being highly successful in doing that endeavor? Well, you know, it's there, and thank you for having me on the show and for asking about the back story. I that was not my plan was to be a single mother. And, yeah, I was married and had a baby. I thought I would be like the homeroom mom and the Girl Scout mom and the, you know, the fieldtrip mom. And I'd be married and I'd have kids. And, you know, I just kind of thought that's how things would work out. And as it turned out, when my daughter was only eight months old, my husband and I split up and I was just like, I have an eight month old daughter and I've been fired from Denny's. So I don't even have no idea what women do. So I feel like everybody in their life has like a come to Jesus moment. And that was definitely am I come to Jesus moment. So I was really shocked and I was hurt. And I had this baby and and my husband with him with the car and the money, and I end up losing a house in foreclosure. It was really which is really a dark time for me personally. And and of course, I had, you know, my my dad, God bless him. He was in Ohio. Was like, you can move back to Ohio and live in your old bedroom and raise your daughter. And I thought her go back to was fine. I'll live in my old bedroom. There's still to this day has the same green shag carpet as when I was a teenager or I'm in Florida. I can like figure something out. I'm a big girl pants and I can make something happen. And and I wasn't even really looking for real estate. I was just looking for a job where I could work from home. That was really the only criteria is like I don't care what it is on the legal. I can work from home raising my daughter. I'm in. And I found some people that were real estate investors and they said, well, we buy houses and we fix them up and we sell them. And my naive little ears heard, we buy houses that we decorate and we sell them up. And as it turns out, decorating, rehabbing are not the same thing. So I literally just went door knocking the people that were in foreclosure with no idea what I was saying, just like, hey, you know, you're having trouble with your house . I think it can help you out. Let's work together. And this one, I'm Barbara. Like weeks after trying to find just a single deal, she said yes. And she was a single mom and I have a baby. And like, you know, I was just happy to see how like we did like kind of a hug and a handshake and put an entire real estate transaction together, which never was. Did anyone ever do that? It's app contracts, but I don't even know enough to know that. I mean, I was so naive that the only way I know I made it this business because God wanted me to. Hmm. Yeah, because really, I mean, who would do an entire deal just hugging it out and then trusting that it would all fall into place, you know, bedmates, 20 grand or. My first deal is 30 years ago. Like when y'all were just, you know, not even born yet, John, up 30 years ago. And I was like, wow, I've twenty two thousand dollars. I'm rich. I'm so rich. Oh, my God. And that was it. I got another deal. I don't know the deal. And then I thought, you know, I really like doing this. And I was working. I'm fixing up houses, rehabbing houses, and I enjoyed the work. And my daughter was with me every day and I was like, wow, I can't believe it. So we also kind of found me. That's very interesting. That last statement that you caused with that real estate found you because a lot of people in that scenario, they would have moved back home to allow you to retire. Yeah. It's not that I was too proud to go back, but yeah, I love my family. But what's not to hire was a very, very small town and is very factory minded working for the man. And I had already been living in Florida for a decade, so I was living in Palm Beach in Florida. And so I was getting fired from a lot of jobs. But it was just the beach and the freedom. And I thought, gosh darn, I don't know what I'm going to do. I just I don't want to move back into my old childhood bedroom with a baby. Yeah. So so what you're saying is that you were exposed to too much to greater than to go back to less than. Yeah. And that's why a lot of people struggle. They have never seen beyond the small mindedness. They've never seen beyond the fence, the gate that this is all there is. If they can only get exposed to there is life beyond these four walls. There's life outside this community. There's life outside of just my family area and the familiar. They can step out and fall into their purpose, as you said, because you are already exposed and Ari has stepped out. You moved to Florida, moved to a different location. You were already been exposed. There's a quote from a book I read. I don't remember the book, but it talks about the brain is like a rubber band and the elasticity of the rubber band that once the brain is exposed to more, it can't shrink back to what I came from. And that's exactly what happened to your situation. And you are already stretched beyond that. I cannot go back to West Milted, Ohio. I just I mean, I thought about it because I was smart and I was I didn't want any money. And seventy five bucks on my first tour. So I thought, well, OK, I live with my dad and maybe for a year or two. But there was just this little piece inside of me that's like, if you go back, you'll never leave again. Hmm. And I thought, you know, I just can't do that. I just I can't I've already been like you said, I've already been out, you know. I was afraid to get stuck. So I thought, well, I'll do this real estate thing. And I thought, you know, if it doesn't work, I can certainly go get a job. But I knew enough that because, you know, I'm thirty at this point. So I'm, you know, a little smarter than when I went to Florida when I was 18. And I knew enough to know that if I got a job and had the benefits and had to stop even versus the fun corporate whatever, I'm raising my daughter. I knew enough to know I probably work that job. I'll wait till she graduated high school and I'd be afraid to start something new. And so that well, if I'm ever going to make the break, it's got to be right now. This is sort of like I've got to suck it up, but I'm a big girl, pants or fail and I can get a job. But if I get a job, I'll never try to start something for myself. Wow. The current time is always the best. Everybody always says I'll do it next, I guess. Right. When you have little kids, I promise you feel busy. My kids are now 10 and seven. The older they get, the busier I get. So when they're to go start your company, I'm telling you, is the easiest time. It's the biggest one you started when your daughter was little. And yes, as they get older, they take more of your time. They want to get involved in sports activities. They need attention, and rightfully so. But the time is always now. Absolutely. And, you know, it's funny because I, I didn't know how to sew these investors. I mean, as I wrote talking to me, saying, you know, we specialize in helping people that are in foreclosure. I was just going through all that myself. And I thought I would love to have someone that would came along and tried to help me out. So I literally had this baby on my hip and I would go knocking on doors with a baby. And it's like, hey, I'm I'm a real estate investor. I don't know what I was doing. I was I was a real estate investor in my mind. And I took that baby with me and all these people all the time. Yeah. Oh, I've got kids. I can't do it because of this fact. I'm like, you know what? You should do it because of those things. Exactly. And I love that you said you didn't know what you were doing. Oh, no. But you did it anyways. And we did that exact same thing here, unscripted. Again, as I said, if you go back to episode one, you'll see the journey from episode one, episode 50, that we didn't have everything all together, but we just started. Do you think that is the key to success? Because you worked at Denny's, you got fired going through a divorce and then moved into the real estate some. Now you're there. What was the next move after you, you know, you got that twenty two thousand dollars. What did you do after that? Well, you know, I always say that that real estate kind of found me because when I first did it, I didn't remember. I understand exactly what I was doing. And as it turned out, I think back I'm just like, oh, I didn't run. And I'm sitting here today. I started rehabbing this house. And after the paint was there and the carpet was in, I didn't know how to fix anything. So I went to Home Depot. I took classes. I learned how to tile the floors, built the cabinets, like I didn't know what I was doing. And very luckily, I made fifty thousand dollars on my second deal. Nice. And I was on it 40 years ago. And this is why I like my dad's working in the factory all year for like 30 grand. Oh, my gosh. I like seventy thousand dollars. And to me, I'm like, I'm so rich right now. I thought, well, anything that I can physically rehab and I can do this, I can make that kind of money. Why would I stop? And it was with me every day, like every day. She was in the houses while I was rehabbing. Yeah, I should play and wrong color on the walls. And and and I just I just kept going and kept going. But it was just like a really sort of like two years. I was barely had enough knowledge to share with other people, but I kept meeting all these people and I would knock on their door that were a lot of single moms do. If you ever want a divorce as a spouse died or something like that. I thought, you know, you can be a real estate investor identi you could do it, too. So I kind of start teaching people how to do it as I was helping them. And then next thing I know, I have like 10, 15 people that come into my house or these little tiny mini workshops, and I sound like I don't know a lot. I know enough to teach you how to do these couple of things and get out, eat their job. And I just kind of grew that. So sort of right out of the gate. I mean, right out of the gate. I was doing it and teaching it. If I learned to, I talk to somebody else. Nice. Which is crazy. I think about that. So what was I thinking? I think that's amazing, because all the people that get successful and then they hoard all of this excess secrets to them all to themselves, because, you know, now that I've made it, I don't want anybody else to make it if they make it. You got to know, pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Now that I'm sharing that information for someone else to say, hey, if I can make it easier for you, you know, you're still going to have to grind. You still got to put that work in. But if I can share some information, that'll get you a little further, faster than it was for me, then I'll do that. So you weren't selfish in your pursuit of happiness and that you had experience in the success that you have? That's wonderful. And I had other friends that were going to divorces. I'm like, listen, you know, I didn't know what I was doing. I barely know. I mean, I know a lot more, but still not my spirit. If I can do it, you can. You really can. So I just found myself just really wanting to teach and share with other people, because I know so many people that, you know, don't like their job or they got a degree and they're unhappy with the degree that they got or they are working for some boss. That's like high rent and nobody wants to come home from work just so stressed out and strung out every day. Right. And you're on Ambrosi investing? Certainly not for everybody, because, you know, you're working for yourself. You know, if you don't work, you don't get a paycheck. That is self employment is not for everyone. But there's a lot there's millions of people that want to be self-employed. Mm hmm. So I thought, you know, everything I know. And if people do that, great. If they don't, that's OK, too. There is a lot to that, where's the blessing? Right. So many people refuse to give their knowledge because they think the blessing is in the dollars that they'll get from blocking competition. But they don't realize what you're doing or did. And probably still doing is you helped other people elevate themselves and now get out from their jobs or single moms to become financially independent. Right. So where's the robot thing? Was it in the seventy thousand, which was a blessing. But how much more do you. You know, you probably remember what you did with the seventy thousand necessarily. Maybe you do, but you definitely remember the people who you helped along the way. Oh, I did so many people and you know, I am of the mindset because I was in Palm Beach, Florida. So the people I was sharing knowledge with, they were in the same backyard. And I was looking at like, hey, there's like five thousand people a month in foreclosure. I certainly can't help everybody if there's a hundred of us. We're going to help more people. And I was always of the mindset that the more people you help like, the further the blessings spreads out. And there's a lot of people I can now or my when I first started that were like, oh, now we don't want to we don't share we don't want to do, you know , they keep everything to themselves and like. But for what reason? There's it's not like there's one foreclosure a month and you're the only person doing it. There's thousands, thousands and thousands of people. And so I thought if I could teach 10 and they taught ten and they taught ten and they taught ten. Adobe million of us, and still we won't be able to help all the people. Mm hmm. So is are you still into real estate investing? The reason why I asked that is because, if so, how did you pivot during this whole pandemic situation to keep your real estate investing business going? So. I've been doing webinars and live trainings and things. Well, I 25 years at this point, and I've always done a lot of ZOOME calls, and I was already doing all of that. But my husband and I have some clients in Iowa, and it's a very little small town on the Mississippi River, just right on the river riverfront town. It's one of those towns that like time left behind. We love to go back to all his high school reunion. So we've been together 20 years now. So we go back every five years. And on the last one, it was about four years ago, I was like, man, this little town just needs someone to come in here with some love and and get this town like rejuvenated. And so we talked to some people on the board at the council and found out that they were actually doing like a regenerative type thing for the downtown. But nobody was coming in and buying like the people that had businesses were running the businesses and nobody was coming in and buying buildings and like revitalizing. So we thought, you know what we could do that we could buy the town from the whole town around. And so with no experience on buying downtown, we ended up buying about 50 percent of the buildings. So we bought a town. Wow. Oh, wow. Some people buy houses and people buy towns. But can you say it's another level where I. And, you know, the funny thing is us, we thought, well, we'll just buy like one building. So we bought one building right on the corner, like a very important prominent building. Been shut down for a decade. I said, well, yeah, we'll start that building. We'll put an antique mall on their antique mall will help bring people in downtown. Then someone else will buy another building and like it'll grow. And and a few months went by and nobody bought any more. Buildings are like, OK, well, we'll buy another one. And then we bought another one. And then the one on the left is the sort of the buildings for all her friends. And she's like 80 hasn't passed away. She doesn't want these buildings. Told her friend. And that's what causes and hey, I've got three buildings. And next thing we know, we had 20 buildings. So what are we doing? What's up? During the whole Covid thing, we actually open for small businesses downtown to bring people down and bring people shopping. And so during the pandemic, during the pandemic, Darren Covid, I opened an antique mall, a clothing boutique, a marketplace, an event center. Wow. Wow. And I know nothing about those businesses. I just applied my room the same skills, so I can't be that much different. Sure. We open up these buildings and I think, like, what are we doing? So we are still actively investing. I took a break from the wholesaling and that because we were behind a five year plan with our little downtown. So you were able to prosper in the pandemic? Yeah, we did really well. Go ahead, bro. How did you. OK, so I'm assuming then by buying your town and I just like saying I'll probably stay at bunch. Really? That's my goal. But your town and you started your businesses. But you're still living in Florida, correct? Is that right? So right now in Colorado, so we have a house in Colorado costs and Florida. But you're not living in the town and the back and forth. Correct. His family is from there. So one of the buildings has an apartment. So we have an apartment there. OK, so I'm assuming, though, you had to employ some type of team to start the businesses and so forth. Can you talk? Can you talk to that? That's really interesting to me how somebody can make it make the purchase, come up with the plan to put the businesses together. One businesses a lot. Four is a whole nother level in your town. And then how do you put that team in place so quickly and effectively to actually make. I'm assuming there's the rehab and then there's the business that has to run itself. Yeah, well, so before we bought the first designs, like we really prayed about it because the town that used to be like the place was bustling, busy, like everyone went downtown. And then they like out in the outskirts of town, they built a casino and a place for concerts in the Wal-Mart and the Applebee's. And, you know, everybody went out like out still in the same city of Clinton, Iowa, though, and the few businesses downtown were just there forever. But there's so many buildings that were veiga. So like, OK, so if we're going to do this, you know, we're going to buy a building, we'll hire a manager. And so so we sort of prayed about it. And believe it or not, we ran an ad in Craigslist. Looking for someone to be a manager of an antique store that's not in any self-help books right there. Right. I met now and it's now going to steam and see as like this is what she says, says, well, I love antiques, I want to work in the antique mall. And she likes to repurpose furniture to make myself a little space in the back. I'll repurpose furniture, I'll sell it and I'll run your store for you. So we're like, OK, that sounds really great. Well, now is a complete and total bulldog. And she's not that person that can put in like 20 hours and float through life, you know, and then she's like, listen, I need more. Do you want me to buy some more business? I need some more stuff to do down here somewhere. OK, so let's open up a clothing boutique. And so she is like the CEO of all the businesses. She oversees them to hire. She takes care of employees. I have a property manager. I have a handyman maintenance guy that does the stuff. But my husband, his name is Bill Twyford. He really loves to build things. He is that guy that wants a building and see the work of his hands. So we just start going this thing, not during the actual beginning, but like the right before the end of the year, not before the pandemic, where we just go and stay there for like three months. And he would, you know, work on this building and work on that building. And we kept running out all these spaces. And then once we made the decision to open our own business, is God brought now to us. And I tell you, I don't even know what I would do without this woman. She manages everything, runs everything, hires everybody, and just keeps the ball rolling for us there. But we go there normally. We go there a lot like every other month. I will go there for about the Colorado months of Florida and go to Iowa for a month. So we sort of bounce around. You know, what are the biggest mistakes, are biggest pitfalls that you've seen from people that are trying to get into the investment side of real estate, like these are the things that you should look for. These are the properties that you shouldn't invest in. These are the things that, hey, if it looks this way, what are some of those things? Well, the biggest pitfall because I do I. Yeah, most people that are trainers sort of have like a specialty, whether it's flipping houses or rehabbing or whatever. And I really am drawn to trying to help brand new investors, the real with no experience to come into the marketplace and have someone like me, the mentor them, so they don't make a bunch of mistakes, because if there was a mistake to be made, I have already made it. And that's why I started putting programs and putting things together, like, OK, so here's how you do it and here's how you don't do it. And I find one of the biggest things is that for people that want to even just start. The people around them, their lives are family and friends, they have so many naysayers. You can't do that. I mean, you think that's a bunch of get rich? Why would you think you could be successful? So a lot of people get stopped by the people that love them and want to help them. And then the ones that get past that, people over research have got to learn every single things that don't make a mistake and like, no, just I'll help you just start. And then once people get started, I think sometimes they think it's going to be easier than it really is. And they struggle to find a deal. It's like, oh, I don't know if that seems for me. It took me three months to find one deal. That's like the more you do the deals, the easier they get. Yes, people are their own worst enemy. Hmm. Wow. They really are people really I mean, I hate to say it, but but we are our own worst enemy. And I've had so many people like Ardoyne. It's it's been three months, but then they close the deal. They make like 50 grand. And I say, no, they've closed twenty five deals and we talk to them. So they don't I don't think they give themselves the time, and I think they try to if it's not happening just like so fast, I think they try to talk themselves out of it. It was a book called The Magic of Thinking Big. And in that book, it says there's three failure diseases, procrastination detail. Itis an excuse itis. You kind of outline it all three of us. Yeah. That was in that book. And our family. Hmm. A family so well intentioned. They love you, but you can't listen to them when there's a nay saying what you want to do. They don't share the same vision because they're not called to do the same thing. No, no, no. I mean, like I wrote just for example, real quick, is that OK? I have this woman and her name is Sheila, and she really wants to be a real estate investor. And she's got four kids and her husband works. He was like, no, I want you to stay home. I want to raise the kids. And she's like, JWI, I've seen you on your webinars. I just I really feel like I want to do this. I'm called for this and my husband won't support me. So he's telling her now, you know, I mean, my life. I'm not going to. You've got kids. I just no help whatsoever. So I said, girl, listen, Mike, how big are your Cohon is right here? She's like, tell me what to do and I'll do it. I said, OK, so you got to hire a babysitter and they're going to come at whatever time your husband is home and they're going to give everybody dinner and get the kids bathe and put them all down. And at night, you're going to go meet with all these different people and you're doesn't hire a babysitter out of the money that you have and you're going to go make it happen. So the babysitter shows up where her husband is livid because he will not watch his own. I'm not babysitting kids. And so so she's like, hey, listen, this is my mentor told me to do. I'm going out. I'm going to go. I made three appointments today from people that calls and letters and stuff. So she goes and she's doing this. So she calls is our first deal. Every time the babysitter shows up, the house refuses to help with the kids. He's all mad. They have a fight to close the first deal. I said, tell me the number one thing your husband wants more than anything. And he wants some crazy expensive set of golf clubs and some membership to some crazy country club. She took her whole check, which is like 20 grand, and buying these golf clubs and buying this membership and buying all this stuff. And then so he is playing golf in a couple of weeks later. He's like, you know, if you want to do this again, I could probably watch the kids this time. Now, he's not watching the kids care. This woman is called within a year. He's home with the kids because he didn't like his job and she's flourishing and they're millionaires. Wow. And I was like, if she wouldn't to listen to him and not really felt like she was supposed to do this, they would still be in the same situation. Like I just Monfils do. I know it and my husband won't back me. So when you have like a negative spouse or anything, it's really hard sometimes to start anything. I just really say anything, even a podcast, if you don't have a supportive spouse. A lot of people stop you from what you're called to do. Mm hmm. Just have to ignore it and just blow past it. You do, and you have to share the vision, you have to share the vision of this Barsoum. Some guys are really bad at this. We we we really fail to share our vision with our with our spouses. We just like when I have to do this, this is what I need to do. It's going to be big and just trust me. No, we have to share our vision with them in a non roode nice sort of way to get. Ryan will happen every time. No, but at least you can get some heart strings in there. So I'd like to if it Mustaffa has a bigger question, you know, grow. We're talking about family in business. Yeah. What kind of advice would you have? Because you're just talking about just now another example of somebody who wanted to start a business. But the husband was their kids and, you know, husband wasn't on board. And then magically he he got on board. But what advice do you have for parents who are juggling family and wanting to start a business or maybe they're new in the business, but I really would think the starting is the hardest part. It is. It is started starting as anything. And people waste time like, well, I have to get my LLC and I have to get this. I have to get that like to start already, you know. I always tell people that tell me now I've got two kids, I can't do this. I'm like, take your kids with you. My daughter has been with me now going on five hundred thousand doors, it seems like. And I said, you know what, if you're going to mail letters, for example, on these people, call you back. Take your kids with you. Put her in the car, put on a movie, give them some food, take them to, you know, McDonald's or take fliers out when you're done. Like, don't let that be the excuse. Figure out how to make them come with an. And one of the things that I'm really good about is I help people that want to be full time investors, make the transition from the job to the full time. And so just super quick. It's really easy. I just say like what? How much do you need a week to what do you what do you need every week to live on? And they say, I have to have a thousand times a week. I'm like, OK, so that's what you do. You close a couple of deals and you put the money in the bank. You don't pay off credit cards. You don't pay off anything. You have fifty dollars in the bank and you give your two hour notice and now give you two weeks notice. And then you give yourself a paycheck every Friday. So you're living in the exact same means you're in today for a year. And during that year, you go to webinars, you go to seminars, you learn. You make it happen. You do deals or anything. Get in your way. If you do everything right. Five, six months and you'll never look back again. But people think, well, I need to pay up on car, parliament, house, paille. I can't quit. My job was to pay all this stuff up. So I know that I don't know if you can budget budget yourself out, just two or three deals, budget yourself out for a year and quit your job and do a full time. And a lot of people do a lot, a lot of people. All I can put it in two or three hours a week because they are the soccer mom and the coach and this and that. Now I have a lot of time. Like, you don't need a lot of time. Everyone takes you three or four months to close one deal, put the money in the bank, three or four months a second deal. Put the money in the bank when you get here, quit your job. And I got 40 hours a week. Yeah. So many people, so many I'm so proud to say I have just hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people have been able to do this full time within the first six months. Wow. Wow. That's incredible. It is. Absolutely. Hundreds of lives changed most now. If you go to like a weekend seminar or yelwa, I think most of us people like, oh, quit your job, do houses just, you know, and it's like, well, you can't help people do that. People have bills and kids a responsibility isn't. And I don't really I am not from that belief that just by my program, I quit your job and make this happen, because not everybody is truly a self starter. So I like do some deals, budget yourself, and then dove in. And at the end of the year, you're getting to the end of the year and you haven't closed anything and nothing has happened. You can go back and get a job, but you can't ever like. You have to start. But that's incredible because you came from there. Therefore, you see that. So I had kids and I would try to I would be doing a business thing. And people say, well, I don't know if I can, because my children, I had I had I didn't make sense to me. And I get a babysitter. Well, I can't get a babysitter five nights a week. And I'm thinking, well, is it worth it to you? I didn't say that, but I would think it. And now I have to. And I completely understand. And you started a business with a young child and see. You understand? No, you don't. You can't just stop everything. I mean, you can. But most people don't have that foresight or even that the sometimes it's just too they're not going to make the steps if they have to quit their job. And so it's amazing that you went through the struggle yourself, came out the other end, and now you see what they're going through. And while so many people go through a struggle and don't realize that that struggle is literally your struggle, which is so cool, is literally. It's literally created a path for you to help other people with the same struggle. Percent of the people that invest in one of my programs are asking me to coach them. Their first thing is, how do I quit my job? I'm like, well, we're not quitting a job today, so get that out of your head. You can't just throw someone into the water like that. And when my daughter was little, so, you know, back then, kids didn't have to have their car seats in the backseat like, yeah, they were right there with you. So she had her car seat and we had cassette players and we had this thing along tapes. And they had these little things that are like steering wheel, that kind of clip on the car seat. So she's got a little steering wheel. And we play desisting along tapes over and over and over. I was just like, oh, my God, I'm going to kill myself. I hear one more disturbing song. But she kept you entertained? Yes. Ride with me and we'd be singing. And she kept her little steering wheel. And and I just made her part of it. You know, and when she was older and I was rehabbing house, I see this whole wall right here. You can paint, you can draw, you can color, you can dance your music. Mommy's going to work over here on the rest of the house. I just made her part of ads instead of saying, well, I don't have a sitter, so I can't do that. And I just I don't have money for that. First of all, I didn't have a sitter and I didn't if I wanted to have a sitter, I just got a job, put her in daycare for my whole. Why was I did not want to have my child in daycare. I wanted to be and I'm proud to say I went on every field trip, every home on every single Rajib. I was a Girl Scout mom, a daisy girl, a mom, a brownie mom, like I did the whole thing, all of it. And I was really proud of myself that I that I made that happen. I should be absolutely going to tell you. It was definitely it was a God thing. Yeah. As as a person that's trying to get into investing. Are there certain types of properties that do better than others? You talked about the foreclosures. You know, is it flipping? Is it short sales? What is that like? That would be most. Yeah. I know you don't know this about me so badly. Twenty five years ago, I was flipping and wholesaling houses. The aisles were getting a little bit tighter. I started calling Bang's and saying, hey, you can take some money off this mortgage. And it sure tells us that actually a specifically a coin term, it was shorting it, discounting and shorting the mortgage. I actually trademarked short sales as an adviser, real estate investing and coined that term. So I have the registered trademark that are registered trademark on the term. So it sells for real estate investing or you're based you know, you heard it right here where these gentlemen have base. I was like, I like you know, I'm a trademark that I love. So for someone that's real new, I always tell Nuvu, I said, listen, I don't care how much exactly you watch. You cannot go and fix up those houses like that. That's not real life because you have a crew. So get a house and just wholesale it, flip it to somebody else, let them do the work and just do that until you get your feet wet and then see what you like. Some people love being a landlord. Some people are a lot like I. I am so in love with commercial real estate right now. I can't stand it because we have all these buildings. I'm just like I'm losing my mind over it. And and I bought commercial in the past. But nothing, I think, as part of like the whole regeneration beautification of this town, I'm like so in that, you know, and everybody will like different things one more than the other, but they're very easy right out of the gate. If you have zero experience, just wholesale a couple of houses and get your feet wet. Amazing. Your money, and if you lose a couple of deals, it's going to be time and that time is education, so. Sure, sure. Did you have a question? No, I was just trying to understand how the wholesaling a house thing works, because I heard of closing how I find a homeowner in foreclosure. They sign a sales contract to let me buy their house. I buy it from Latvia. I buy it and I go, OK. I don't know how to rehab and know how to fix things out, but I want to Atlanta. So I'm going to sell it. I'm going to sell it. I'm here himself to John. So I get it up on Lafeyette. I buy it for one hundred. I sell to you, John. Four hundred twenty five. And then you make it a rental. I just wholesale. It makes it in between. That was my hunch. I just wasn't 100 percent sure. Yeah. And you're like, I don't know. Is that legal? It's like, listen, every store in America that you shop at that food for last and sold to you for more. Right. I tell them we have on some I paid less and sold to us for more. Short selling is how the world works. I just don't think people realize they can wholesale a house. Hmm. Because it's a big ticket item. But you know, people that fix up cars and sell them. Right. Right. Do it with houses. Hmm. Dwan. If we leave our audience with the last word, a piece of advice, whatever you're feeling right now, leave us with that last word. OK. I feel like the main thing I want to impress on anyone, regardless of what kind of a business are on, the entrepreneur or leadership, whatever you want to do, you really have to just tune out the other people. And just like God guide your heart and it will work out. Yeah, you have to take the first step. The longer it takes the first step, the more chances you have of never doing it because it took too long to start. The start today. Absolutely start today, man. Connect with the one she's full of energy, great wisdom and insight. Awesome success story in the ways that you can do that. Her Instagram and Facebook handle is at Dwan Defo, and that is WDW a endi RFU URL. I love that name. That's very creative. A very catchy. Also on LinkedIn, Dwan Bent Wofford, that is her whole name on LinkedIn and Doire bent Twyford at you on YouTube as well. Also, you can buy the wand's books, short sale, pre foreclosure investing how to sell a house when it's worth less than the mortgage and success on nomics. Is there anything else? Any other place? You have a website that the wonderful dot com wonderful dockyards. Wonderful. I thought you know, Dwan is such an unusual name. Yeah, that's a hard time saying. And I thought, you know what, I might do a play on my name. So I have a wonderful Dwan Tasti, my Dwan and IRAs and my millionaires. So I created like a whole vocabulary, just surround my craziness. That's that's excellent marketing. I love it. I love it. I was like, OK, I created a universe here. Yeah. And that's your brand. That's amazing. 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