Designed for Life

Designed for Life - In conversation with George Cave

February 18, 2022 Tony Ryan CEO Design & Technology Association Season 2 Episode 11
Designed for Life
Designed for Life - In conversation with George Cave
Show Notes

George Cave is an Interactive Technologist, Design Engineer, University Lecturer, TEDx Speaker, Team leader and founder of his own business, Interaction Magic

In this conversation, we explore George's journey from Reading School through Bristol University, where he gained an MEng in Engineering Design where he, and others, developed a re-configurable submarine weapon handling and discharge system as part of his final year work. 

George cut his teeth as a designer at DCS Studio in Warwick Where he worked on a wide range of products, specialising in pharmaceutical design. He then went on to work in design both in the UK and Austria, where he lived for over three years before setting out on his own with Interaction Magic. 

In the pod, we explore some of the many 'poke statements' on his personal website; statements designed to provocate and start a discussion, for example:

"Designers bring concepts but struggle to transform them from a sketch into the real world. Engineers execute the vision but often miss the understanding of why people behave the way they do. This is the gap I bridge. The engineer that designers want to work with."

George also talks us through his fairly recent appointment as a university lecturer at Salzburg University, where he teaches Interaction Design and Technologies. 

I found this to be a fascinating and stimulating conversation with a designer who by his own admission, feels he has yet to reach the top of his game but is clearly a major thought leader within the sector. 

So sit back, plug the earphones in and enjoy Designed for Life - In conversation with George Cave Interaction Technologist.