Taboo Trades

Welcome to Season 3!

September 17, 2022 Kim Krawiec Season 3
Taboo Trades
Welcome to Season 3!
Show Notes Transcript

Welcome to Season 3! Hear more about this year's topics and guests and listen to UVA Law students introduce themselves and talk about why they're taking time out of their busy law school schedules to produce this podcast with me. 

This year's co-hosts are: Bryan Blaylock, Bridget Boyd, Makenna Cherry, Reider Compasano, Ryan Fitzgerald, Rahima Ghafoori, Caroline Gozigian, Marley Peters, Meghana Puchalapalli, Jennifer Scoler, and Mary Talkington

Kim Krawiec: Hey. Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Taboo Trades podcast, a show about stuff we aren't supposed to sell, but do anyway. I'm your host, Kim Krawiec.


Kim Krawiec: Welcome to season three, everyone, and thanks for listening. I'm very excited to introduce all of you to a new set of experts, a new set of students, and more trades that are considered taboo in some way. I have a very exciting lineup planned for this year that includes some wonderful experts in their respective fields and topics as diverse as slavery, sharecropping, sperm donation, private prisons, transplantation, and paying medical research subjects. Our guests are also a methodologically diverse group, hailing from law, gender studies, philosophy, economics and bioethics, among other areas. Most importantly, I have a new set of wonderful UVA Law students to introduce regular listeners know how attached I was to the season two group and I missed them terribly. So a shout out to season two cohosts if any of you are listening from afar, as I hope that you are. But this season three group has already endeared themselves to me with their intelligence and humor, and I'm confident that you'll appreciate them too. With that, everyone, please introduce yourselves to our listeners.


Speaker C: My name is Brian Blaylock. Former Marine. Pretty excited about this opportunity to do the podcast, mainly because I got into listening to podcast with a serial podcast, and I actually think that my sister is probably more pumped for me to be doing this. So shout out to Taylor, your boy’s doing it. Yeah, I'm excited to be here and looking forward to some of these conversations we're going to have.


Speaker D: Hi, I'm Bridget Boyd. Thank you for listening to our podcast on Tattoo Trades, and we're excited to explore many different subjects throughout the semester.


Speaker E: Hi, I'm McKenna Cherry. I'm looking forward to doing these podcasts because I'm also a fan of morbid and cereal, so I'm looking forward to this one as well.


Speaker F: My name is Reider Composano. I'm a three L as well. I’m actually the product of a Trade myself, so will be contributing to the conversation.


Speaker G: My name is Ryan Fitzgerald, I'm a three L. My dad works in sports broadcasting and has had a radio show for almost 30 years, so I feel like I'm following in the footsteps a little bit on this podcast. So looking forward to discussing all the topics over the course of the year.


Speaker H: Hi, I'm Rahima Ghafoori. I'm a three L at UVA Law. Thanks so much for tuning in. If you're not super sure what Taboo Trades is about, keep listening and you'll find out.


Speaker D: Hi, I'm Caroline Gozigian, I'm a three L here at the law school. This is my first time podcasting and I'm looking forward to being part of this season's podcast.Thanks for listening.


Speaker I: Hi. My name is Marley Peters. I'm in a three L and you're listening to Taboo Trades at UVA Law. Stay tuned for more.


Speaker D: Hi, I'm Meghana Puchalapalli and I'm looking forward to learning with you guys this semester. 


Hi, everyone. I'm Jen Scoler. I'm a three L at UVA Law, and I'm excited to learn from both speakers and peers on the spot.


Speaker H: Hey, everyone, I'm Mary Talkington, a three L here at UVA Law. I have zero podcasting experience, but I look forward to talking about controversial things with you all. So welcome to Taboo Trades.