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Tips for starting high school, with Claire Eaton

December 06, 2023 Rachel Chappell and Sarah Levett Season 2 Episode 24
The Parenting Couch
Tips for starting high school, with Claire Eaton
Show Notes

Is your child starting high school soon? Make the transition from primary to high school a smooth one. This podcast interview with Youth Mindset Coach, Claire Eaton, is packed with invaluable tips for both parents and students to help them get off to the best start!

Starting high school is one of the biggest changes that your child will go through. But it is also a time of huge excitement, maturity, responsibility and an opportunity to make lots of new friends.

In this interview on The Parenting Couch podcast, Claire Eaton shares invaluable tips about starting high school. Be sure to listen to the episode so you can support your tween as they move to the next stage of school! Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • The most important thing you need to look for when choosing a high school for your child.
  • Why it's okay to move your child to another school if it isn't working out.
  • What can parents in Year 6 do to help their child get ready for high school.
  • Top tips for students starting high school.
  • How to help kids find their tribe at high school... and the importance of being themselves in those first few weeks.
  • How to support a shy or anxious child.
  • What are kids most scared about, and how can we help them overcome it?
  • Why it's so important for teenagers to be organised... and yes, they can be taught to be organised!

About Claire Eaton

Claire Eaton is a national speaker, youth coach and author of 5 books for teens, Hello High School + Planner, ROC and Rise, You are Awesome and her newest book, The Organised Teenager. View the books.

Beginning her career as a teacher, deputy principal and tutor at Edith Cowan University, it is where her deep interest in prevention-focused social, mental, and emotional health for young people, parents and families evolved.

In 2007 Claire left education to share her messages as speaker and begin her own youth coaching practice in Perth, which is still successfully supporting teenagers and families today.

Since 2007 Claire has been privileged to work with people of all ages and present her wellbeing ethos throughout Australia and she is well known for her practical and prevention focused approach and is sought after for the real and heartfelt way she connects with people she meets.

Follow Claire on Facebook and Instagram.

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