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The Z Sphere: For Affordable And Sustainable Living On The Planet!

February 01, 2023 Gregory Angello and David Atkinson
Planet One Podcast
The Z Sphere: For Affordable And Sustainable Living On The Planet!
Show Notes

Greetings and welcome to another episode as we orbit around Planet One! Hope you are all doing well. We have our very first guest on the Planet but he has is no stranger.
David Atkinson, who is the Founder and CEO of Z Sphere, Inc., was a guest on September 14, 2022, "A Sustainable Lifestyle With David Atkinson of Z Sphere!" on the RORE platform. David is back to talk about the solutions that he and his team have created with the challenges of affordable housing we face today.
This is a remarkable piece of engineering to where anyone (if they wanted) DIY the structure themselves. 

· Z Sphere is a resilient systems design-and-build company in the late stages of startup, focused on municipal, light commercial and residential buildings for disaster-prone regions, remote/off-grid and resilient living in general. Our product is called the “Z Sphere”, named after our unique, spherical design.

Please take the time to listen to the entire podcast as David discusses what he and his team have been working on and are continuing to solve the planet's affordable and sustainable housing issue.
Later, David gives his insight on being an entrepreneur, a risk taker, an accomplishment maker, and what he believes are the key ingredients to achieve true entrepreneurship.
Here is the link to the Z Sphere's Affordable Housing Packages: Offering available March of this year, 2023.

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