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Is It Live Or Is It AI? A Planet One Podcast!

May 08, 2023 Gregory Angello and Stefani Boyd Season 1 Episode 12
Planet One Podcast
Is It Live Or Is It AI? A Planet One Podcast!
Show Notes

Welcome back to Planet One! Our returning guest, Stefani, Boyd, is back picking up where we left off from our last episode, on the LLPA, which has gone into effect on May 1, 2023. And...the number one topic right now, Artificial Intelligence (AI), we get Stefani's take on it, or should I say, "ai!"

The date of this recording was Thursday, May 4, 2023.

If you would like to learn more on the LLPA, we have some links below for you:
Business Insider Article:
LLPA from Fannie Mae:
The LLPA Matrix:

To reach Stefani via her website:; via email:; or directly (916) 215-9811 (PST).

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