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Just Go To Instagram To Meet With Chris Bushnell

May 12, 2023 Gregory Angello and Chris Bushnell Season 1 Episode 13
Planet One Podcast
Just Go To Instagram To Meet With Chris Bushnell
Show Notes

Greetings all and welcome to another podcast on the Freedom Network part of Planet One and Raised on Real Estate Podcasts. Greg Angello with you here on May 10, 2023 on the date of the recording with first time ever guest, Chris Bushnell with Movement Bank.

Chris is a Home Loan Advisor and he heads into orbit with us to discuss the current mortgage situation, interest rates, outlook on the market, what buyers should be doing right now. Chris gives his take on the credit score adjustment matrix, also known as the Loan Level Pricing Adjustment, and on artificial intelligence and how we  should embrace it.

Chris has great insight and is very passionate about what he does how he works with home buyers throughout the entire loan process. When asking Chris to give out his contact information, he simply said... "go to my Instagram account." Now that is savvy in this digital/social media age!

To reach Chris:
Home Loan Advisor | Movement Bank
o: 980-375-0346c: 315-412-2369 | *Text Friendly*f: 980-375-0347e: | NMLS ID: # 2058327

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