The No Frills VA Podcast

Jamie Feinberg: Living A VA Life That Lights You Up

March 31, 2021 Kiri Mohan Season 1 Episode 14
The No Frills VA Podcast
Jamie Feinberg: Living A VA Life That Lights You Up
Show Notes

Jamie Feinberg is a virtual assistant, traveler, entrepreneur & creative problem-solver helping sensitive, aspiring adventurers get the confidence & tools to craft their dream life now. Jamie’s many hats have included the roles of musician, educator, virtual assistant, administration professional, musical theater aficionado, and life coach, with a Bachelor’s in Music from Smith College and a Master’s in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. She’s built her virtual assistant business over four years, and with her recent completion of a coaching mentorship, she is expanding her business into coaching and consulting, helping people to craft their dream life.

05:24 - So you have a music degree, now what?
14:40 - So you got an RV, now what?
17:26 - Becoming a VA before knowing the term
24:30 - The costs of being an RV VA
34:00 - Transitioning to coaching
41:47 - It is okay to change throughout your career
48:59 - 3 tips for aspiring RV VAs

Connect with Jamie!
Jamie's VA website
Ross and Jamie Adventure

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