Grown in Britain Week Oct 10-16 2022
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Tree Lady Talks
Grown in Britain Week Oct 10-16 2022
Oct 06, 2022 Season 3 Episode 5

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From the Grown in Britain website:-

In the UK, we import £7.8bn of foreign timber each year, whilst neglecting the potential of our own forests and woodlands. Only China imports more wood than the UK.
Grown in Britain certification reduces unnecessary imports, by encouraging and supporting active and sustainable management of our own forests and woodlands.

Dougal Driver, CEO, talks to Sharon about the week and what to expect.

The 2022 theme is ‘Building resilience together’, and will feature sessions on topics such as ELM, plant health, carbon and biodiversity net gain, among others.

The conference is normally attended by up to 200 foresters, farmers, landowners, land managers and other stakeholders from across the country, and provides a strong platform to hear from a range of experts and case studies, share experiences, network and collaborate. 

 Confirmed speakers so far include:  

• Forestry Commission Chief Executive Richard Stanford

• CLA President Mark Tufnell

• Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer, Defra

• Janet Hughes, Programme Director for Future Farming and Countryside Programme

• Liz Nicholson, Director of the Forest Canopy Foundation

• Richard Deffee, Head Forester at Gascoyne Cecil Estates.

• Graham Clark, CLA Senior Land Use Policy Adviser and lead on forestry.

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