The Woodland Trust Special Part 1
Tree Lady Talks
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Tree Lady Talks
The Woodland Trust Special Part 1
Nov 27, 2020 Season 1 Episode 12

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The Woodland Trust

The Tree Lady Talks  - - Woodland Trust Special

In this two-part edition of the podcast, Sharon talks to no less than seven interviewees about their role in working with or for the charity.  

Part One.

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Stand Up For Trees

Darren Moorcroft - CEO

Darren has been responsible for: the Trust’s acquisition strategy – growing the estate to c29,000 hectares across the UK; expanding our woodland creation with schools, local communities and partners to over 4 million trees/annum; and our restoration of over 2,000 ha/year of ancient woodlands. He now leads the UK’s largest woodland nature conservation charity, with over 500,000 members and supporters. Read Darrens 2019 Biog here

John Tucker - Director of Woodland Creation

Chartered forester with 40 years experience of multi purpose forestry, John has  worked for Woodland Trust in a variety of forest management roles since 1994 and for the last 11 years have focused on woodland creation work with farmers and landowners across the UK. He has held a variety of technical committee appointments including CLA Forestry Committee, FC Regional Advisory Committee and the FC Woodland Carbon Task Force.

His proudest achievement has been to play a small part in reconnecting farmers with trees and foresters with farmers.

Joe Coles - Urban Programme Leader

Joe leads the Woodland Trust’s Urban programme in the UK, encouraging residents and Local Authorities to protect and enhance the urban forest for the environment, people and nature. With a background in Environmental Science, Landscape Architecture, nature conservation and sustainability, he draws on his experience of civil service and council employment to help facilitate collaboration between citizens and governing bodies. “With a greater understanding of the benefits of trees to environment and society, and respecting the passion people have for them, we can ensure the future of our urban landscapes are greener and more sustainable”

David Rose - Farmeco Chairman

Chairman of Farmeco Community Care, a community benefit society, a separate business that rents land and buildings from the main farm. Its core purpose is to reconnect people with land, food and the environment. Read David's full biog here.

Featuring are also :-

Olivia Ransom, EYFS Teacher at Poplar Farm School

Naomi Tilley, Woodland Trust Lead Campaigner

Alex Lidis, Volunteer for the Woodland Trust



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