MedBoard Matters

Introduction to MedBoard Matters

September 08, 2020 North Carolina Medical Board Season 1 Episode 1
MedBoard Matters
Introduction to MedBoard Matters
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Listen as host Jean Fisher Brinkley gives you a preview of what we hope to cover in our MedBoard Matters podcast.

Host: Jean Fisher Brinkley
Producer: Sylvia French-Hodges

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Hello and thanks for joining me for a preview of the North Carolina Medical Board’s new podcast, MedBoard Matters. I am your host, Jean Fisher Brinkley. I am also the Communications Director for the Medical Board.  

I wanted to take just a few minutes to introduce you to the medical board and give you a sense of what we’re hoping to achieve with this podcast.  

The medical board licenses and regulates physicians, physician assistants and a few other types of medical professionals, and its mission is patient protection.  

So why would you want to listen to a medical board podcast? 

Let’s be honest. 

Medical regulation is an important but complicated topic that makes for some pretty dry reading. 

MedBoard Matters will explore NCMB’s work in a much more enjoyable and easy-to-digest format.   

We are a little unique in that we have two distinct audiences. 

Sometimes we will have episodes geared towards medical professionals and sometimes we’ll cover topics that are mostly aimed at patients. 

And there will probably be some episodes that have a little something for everybody.   

We are going to talk about suicide in healthcare.

We are going to talk about telemedicine in the time of COVID.

We are going to talk about the medical board complaint process.

We are going to talk about signing death certificates.

We are going to answer questions you don’t even know you have yet about the medical board, and much, much more.  

So go ahead and subscribe now to be alerted when we post new episodes. 

We’ll be posting content about once a month. 

And, thank you, for listening. 

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