Limitless Leader Podcast with Sheryl Kline, M.A. CHPC

Is it Time to Have More Impact with Your Leadership?

September 15, 2021 Sheryl Kline M.A., CHPC
Limitless Leader Podcast with Sheryl Kline, M.A. CHPC
Is it Time to Have More Impact with Your Leadership?
Show Notes

Do you ever feel in your heart that you want to have more impact with your leadership? Maybe you’re a trusted "go-to" leader for getting the job done, but not a confidant or advisor?
Before we jump in, I want to honor you for all the mountains you’ve already climbed, and the success you’ve already achieved in your business, with your family, and in life. You’re a leader who’s persevered when others have quit, a leader who has been (or continues to be) a "lonely only" in meetings, and whose ripple effect goes far and wide. It’s SO easy to lose sight of that.
Can you do me a favor?  Pause for a moment and jot down what you’ve accomplished in the last 6-8 months? For extra credit, grab a family member, call a friend or colleague and read what you wrote to them, out loud.
As we move forward into Q4…
I’d also like you to reflect on what is in your heart, and listen to your gut. When you are ready to step away from your position or your company, how do you want to be remembered and what change would you like to see before that time? Why is your organization different because of YOU?
Gaining clarity and standing in your true and authentic power will certainly shape your peers and subordinates. What about influencing those who are under tremendous pressure by stock prices and a board of directors? Who can empower them to innovate, pivot, act out of integrity and commitment for the mission and vision of your company? What part will they have in course-correcting their organization during this delicate time, and who will champion or challenge them for the greater good?
Is it time to speak up more to your leadership?
Maybe you have ideas that you have not expressed.
Maybe you have been pushed to act against your highest sense of integrity.
Maybe your gut is telling you to challenge leadership’s decisions, but you’re afraid or think you know what the response would be.
Maybe you’ve tried, but it’s falling on deaf ears.
Maybe you’re a Rockstar, especially recently, but you don’t vocalize your accomplishments.

(Despite popular belief, accomplishments do not speak for themselves. You’ll also likely have colleagues that do this freely and without hesitation, therefore gaining more visibility. This is typically a cultural indoctrination for women and not easy to shift but necessary. What do you think?)
How do you want to feel at the end of Q4, and what needs to be said?
In the coming weeks, we’ll figure that out together.
We’ll gain clarity on important issues and then be able to "Influence Up" in a calm, authentic, and highly impactful way, so your work and commitment to the greater good matters even more.


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In the meantime, a little homework. Please take a moment to do the following:
1.) Your accomplishments in the last 6-8 months
2.) Verbalize to someone you trust and who cares for you
3.) One area where you’ve been holding back OR where you’re not receiving the buy-in you’d like
4.) The one person who you will make a ‘big ask’ to support your efforts.
   (This should scare you a little)
If you have any specific situations or questions that you would like confidentially addressed during this session, please email me directly at
To your empowerment and cheering you on always,
- Sheryl