Behind the Warrior

Ep. 82 - "Doc" Dutton: The Legacy Continued

December 08, 2022 EOD Warrior Foundation - Maria Schabla
Behind the Warrior
Ep. 82 - "Doc" Dutton: The Legacy Continued
Show Notes

Can EOD just be in your blood?  In this interview we get a chance to talk with retired Air Force EOD SMSgt Marshall Dutton "Doc" or "Baby Doc", who followed in his father's EOD footsteps, as the first father and son to be in EOD on active duty at the same time in the Air Force.

We also uncover where his unique nickname came from and learn about his passion for serving the EOD community and the legacy that his father started and he has continued in EOD Modernization, and as the "unofficial" EOD Air Force Historian.


CMSgt Pressy Johnson Jr

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