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S02 E11 - The Healing Power of Writing: Live Readings

May 17, 2021 SHARE Cancer Support Season 2 Episode 11
Our MBC Life
S02 E11 - The Healing Power of Writing: Live Readings
Show Notes

Following up from last week’s episode on the healing power of writing, with special guests, April Stearns, Editor of Wildfire Magazine, writer and psychotherapist, Erin Weiss, and the poet and writer Ilene Kaminsky, we are joined today for a special bonus episode of readings from the Wildfire magazine community.   You will hear from Alison Greenberg, Melody Mansfield, Grace Murphy, Teshya Russo, April Stearns, Christina Zajicek.  These readings were given throughout this past year of isolation through zoom reading events that brought together this very special community.  So grab your walking shoes, or sit down in a comfy chair with a glass of something fun, and enjoy the lovely bits of prose floating into your ears from each of these writers.  Soon we will be able to experience art and culture in person but in the interim, here is a little inspiration to hold you over a bit longer.  Dedicated to my friend and mentor, Melody Mansfield, who reminds us that it’s possible to achieve true greatness with kindness, great listening ears, non-showy intellect, and a love of the small things of this world.  She’s just the type of person that makes flash mobs or garden critters feel new and otherworldly.  She is an Ode to Joy masterpiece in human form for so many.  


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