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S02 E12 - Introducing the BECOME Project & Survey

May 18, 2021 SHARE Cancer Support Season 2 Episode 12
Our MBC Life
S02 E12 - Introducing the BECOME Project & Survey
Show Notes

Join Host Lisa Laudico as she speaks with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance's BECOME Project Lead, Stephanie Walker, and BECOME committee member Sheila Fuhs.  The BECOME Project stands for Black Experience of Clinical Trials and Opportunities for Meaningful Engagement and was initiated by the work of the late epidemiologist and MBC advocate, Marina Kaplan.   For individuals living with MBC, the data is troubling.   In the U.S., the mortality rate for non-Hispanic black women with breast cancer is 40% higher than that for non-Hispanic white women.  As we noted in our two-part clinical trial episodes, clinical trials are essential for all of us living with MBC to improve outcomes in general and for our own survival. In spite of this black individuals makeup only three to 6% of patients in all cancer clinical trials. Clearly, this has to change.  

The goal is to have 500 individuals complete the survey.  Links to this survey are found on our website and on the BECOME landing page on the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA) website.   Take the survey, share it within your community. The data gatherers will be analyzed and used to develop projects and initiatives aimed at increasing diversity among participants in clinical research. 

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