Our MBC Life

S03 E03 - MBC Around the World

October 07, 2021 SHARE Cancer Support Season 3 Episode 3
Our MBC Life
S03 E03 - MBC Around the World
Show Notes

Grab those negative covid tests and passports because we travel around the world in this episode!  Oh yeah, get your proof of vaccination and N95s too since this thing ain’t over yet sadly.  We wanted to learn how others living with and advocating for MBC deal with it all in other places. So we travel virtually to Canada, Japan, Kuwait, Egypt, Australia, Portugal, Kenya, Nigeria, and the UK.  Co-hosts Natalia Green, Sheila McGlown, Lisa Laudico, and Anne Woodward find out what it’s like to get a second opinion in Europe & Canada, or why MBC is called Advanced Breast Cancer in some places, or how getting drugs in some countries is like applying for a car loan, or the debilitating stigma of cancer and so much more.  Without the jetlag, we had great conversations with Vesna Zic-Cote, Advisory Board Member of Canada’s RETHINK Breast Cancer, Aiko Brody of Japanese SHARE, Dr. Rania Azmi of Kuwait’s Fadia Survive and Thrive Cancer Association, Rod Ritchie of Breast Cancer Network Australia, Chris Chukwunyere of Nigeria, Lesley Kailani Glen of Project Life & Kenya’s Faraja Cancer Support, and Jo Taylor of METUPUK.

Everyone here at the pod is sending out love during this month of October.  It can be tough, we know, for so so many reasons.  We have more than a little love in our heart for you.  

“I think if you care about someone and you got a little love in your heart, there ain’t nothin you can’t get through together.” TED LASSO

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