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S03 E04 Road to a Cure - what it means to us

October 13, 2021 SHARE Cancer Support Season 3 Episode 4
Our MBC Life
S03 E04 Road to a Cure - what it means to us
Show Notes

In the middle of October, we are embarking on something quite ambitious.  The idea of a cure for metastatic breast cancer - the only kind that kills - is complicated.   But this is the season of virtual travel and not shying away from the hard questions.  So Co-host Victoria Goldberg with Shonte Drakeford, Natalia Green,  Paula Jayne, Ellen Landsberger, and Kate Pfitzer go to the leading clinicians and researchers in the field of breast cancer to find out where we are in terms of a cure for metastatic breast cancer. It is impossible to cover it in a neat single episode, so, instead, we created a series of episodes that we call “Road to A Cure.”  In this premiere episode of the series, hear from the podcast team members on what it means to live with an incurable disease. We talk about a possibility of a cure, address the real fear of hoping, and tackle many other important issues.  This series of interviews will be released every Monday starting October 18 until the beginning of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in early December. 

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