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S03 E16 - Does Advocacy Matter? The New Breast Cancer Brain Mets Website

January 12, 2022 SHARE Cancer Support Season 3 Episode 16
Our MBC Life
S03 E16 - Does Advocacy Matter? The New Breast Cancer Brain Mets Website
Show Notes

Musa Mayer is known to many in the art world as a steadfast manager of her father, Philip Guston’s foundation, and as the writer of two well-received books about his life and art.  But for those of us in the world of tumor markers and CT scans, Musa is a legend for different reasons.  Host Lisa Laudico speaks with Musa about her life as an advocate for individuals living with MBC before she retired in 2015.  Joining Lisa are MBC advocates Christine Hodgdon and Lianne Kraemer.  Christine and Lianne are the architects of the new one-stop website resource hub for individuals living with brain mets or leptomeningeal disease.  This website was inspired in part by the work that Musa did in the early 2000s.  We talk about how much has changed for people living with MBC and the work still to be done.  If anyone ever questions whether advocacy can change the trajectory of this disease and our lives in the process, well, those folks have never met these women or heard what they've done.  Be prepared to be seriously impressed.

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Find the new Breast Cancer Brain Mets website here  - www.MBCBrainMets.org - to find a comprehensive repository of resources, clinical trials, and insights from fellow patients 

More info is available on our website www.ourmbclife.org

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