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A Crime That SHOCKED The Nation - Mary Holmes - Thatcher, AZ

September 23, 2022 Every Town Episode 75
Every Town
A Crime That SHOCKED The Nation - Mary Holmes - Thatcher, AZ
Show Notes

A small farming town inhabited by just under 4,000 people rarely gets on the radar of anyone who lives outside of it. Thatcher, Arizona is such a place and was relatively unknown by the general public, until a horrific crime involving a single mother in July of 1995 grabbed newspaper headlines and got airtime on TV.  Mary Holmes was subjected to an inhuman crime in the presence of her two very young kids and it was truly done by someone best described as evil.  Her case brought attention to the mall Arizona town and the brutality of the crime shocked the entire nation. Little evidence in the case has slowed down progress and while the case remains unsolved, to this day Mary Ann’s daughters, now grown-up, grapple with the trauma of their mother’s death and still hope to find out who the perpetrator was. 
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