Creating Structure

Creating Structure Podcast #16, Daniel Winterich, Artist / Architect at Studio Winterich

April 08, 2021 John Wheaton
Creating Structure
Creating Structure Podcast #16, Daniel Winterich, Artist / Architect at Studio Winterich
Show Notes

Welcome Daniel Winterich to Episode #16 of the Creating Structure Podcast. Dan is an architect, artist, and helps architects, designers, and building owners distinguish their projects by providing commissioned art, architectural  glass, sculpture, water features, and building-integrated art installations.  Dan is a 5th generation glass artisan and grew up in his family's business specializing in church interiors, including stained glass installations, and complete interiors. From his LinkedIn profile, Jim Maxwell says, "Daniel Winterich brings to every project his keen intuition, creativity, and sensitivity to the clients dreams and desires. It is in his genetic make-up it seems (being a 5th generation glass artisan) as he brings those dreams and desires to light through his glass creations."  This is an excellent description of Dan's insight and capability.

Raised in Chesterland, Ohio, Dan's path took him to Cincinnati, Germany, and then California. Dan has a BS degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati. Dan is thoughtful, creative, interesting and well-studied. You'll note the measured tone of the conversation and clear answers.

Interestingly, the host, and Dan, go back 43 years, but not as one would think. The connection is revealed later in the podcast as to how they are connected, and how they were re-connected. It's a great story. Listen to the end and you'll hear it.

Listen as this session builds and unfolds deeper and deeper, like unpacking layers or working in tightening concentric circles. Topics covered include:

  • Church interiors in Cleveland to  Art installations in the the Bay area in California and beyond
  • Interior design, art, architecture
  • Collaboration and collaborative networks
  • Integrating Art and Architecture as a team
  • Innovations in facade design
  • Integrating work with the glazing subcontractor
  • Innovating glass forms
  • Stained Glass to Art Glass
  • The geometric pattern of an acorn nut cap
  • Oakland City historical rail tokens
  • History of glass artisan work to contemporary glass work
  • Glass Fabrication 
  • West Geauga High School
  • Metal Work
  • Structural engineering of Stained Glass
  • Family business
  • more...

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