The Fourth Act

Adam Winter, CTO, Clarus R+D

September 07, 2020 Adam Winter Season 1 Episode 2
The Fourth Act
Adam Winter, CTO, Clarus R+D
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Fourth Act podcast. This podcast is focused on topics at the intersect of the future of work, innovation, and software development.

Adam Winter is the CTO Clarus R+D and an Angel Investor based out of the US mid-West. Adam's company, Clarus R+D helps businesses easily obtain tax R&D credits for any software development or product development work done in the US. The podcast covers a lot of ground including:

  • Scenarios in which you can obtain tax credits for your software/product development work 
  • When does it make sense for a startup to apply for the credits
  • What kind of expenses can be applied towards tax R&D credits and how this changes as employees start working remotely
  • How Clarus got started and what their definition of an MVP was (an Excel spreadsheet to start with)
  • How he thinks about his role as an engineering leader vs. as an angel investor
  • Starting a company in the mid-West vs. the coasts
  • What software engineers should learn as they look at growing their careers
  • Remote work and its impact on the future of work

Adam also recommended two classic books:

  1. Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People
  2. Andrew Hunt & David Thomas's The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

This podcast is hosted by Sadeq Ali, co-founder of Archimydes. Archimydes is building a new OS for software development work, wether executed internally with your own resources or through external resources.

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