Hampshire HistBites
Walkeology: Wanders, Wonders and Wunderkammers
Walkeology: Wanders, Wonders and Wunderkammers 33:15 Hampshire Cultural Trust: Linking the Past with the Future 20:32 The Hidden House in Hursley Park 29:14 Tragedy at Sea: Southampton's Connection to the Titanic 30:37 The Life and Death of Henry V’s Navy in Hampshire 24:50 Pear Tree Church: From the Bishop of Winchester to the Life of Pi 26:56 How Two Millenia of History Shaped the River Itchen 33:59 Dark Gold: The Lifeblood of Early Modern Europe 16:38 Dark Gold: A Drink for Doctors and Kings 25:03 Dark Gold: Bringing Chocolate from Mesoamerica to Europe 25:27 Hampshire Ramblers’ Fight to Preserve our Paths 30:12 A Story Around Every Streetcorner: Explore Winchester's Vibrant History 24:17 30 Years of Hampshire Fare: Championing Local 23:34 Archives Galore! 28:57 Trenchers and Teapots: Food at Winchester College 26:24 From 'Field to Fork' in World War II 27:50 Oral History: Where do you start? 26:51 Intrigue in the New Forest Leads to a Mystery at Winchester Cathedral 10:43 The Heritage of Bell Ringing in Hampshire 41:23 The Spitfires in the Ballroom at Hursley Park 27:57 Matilda of Boulogne; a Bold and Valiant Leader 22:09 Valkyries in the Water-Meadows: A Little-Known Piece of Winchester Folklore 21:04 Romsey Abbey; a Haven, an Educational Opportunity or a Place of Power? 22:20 From a Cloister Arch to Medieval Glass and Some China Eggs! 21:18 Weaving History and Tradition with the Whitchurch Silk Mill 30:04