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Keith Grant: Serving our nation and our communities
Episode Artwork Keith Grant: Serving our nation and our communities 26:57 Episode Artwork Bridging the generation gap: Episode 3 Covid Impact with Keith Grant, APRN 34:19 Episode Artwork Inner city struggle, recovery and celebration with Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin 14:58 Episode Artwork Christmas in Connecticut: Behind the scenes of Hartford HealthCare's holiday TV commercial 24:57 Episode Artwork Religion, politics, and vaccines? How to handle this year's third rail holiday conversations 20:16 Episode Artwork Nov. 29 Full Media Briefing: Covid Omicron Variant 37:39 Episode Artwork Latest COVID Vax Facts: Dr. Ulysses Wu on booster efficacy and vaccinating younger children 5:41 Episode Artwork Brain Fog: Could the COVID era be to blame? 12:35 Episode Artwork COVID-19 Long-Haulers with Dr. Subramani Seetharama 14:59 Episode Artwork Which shot is the best shot? COVID Vaccine efficacy with Keith Grant 5:15 Episode Artwork Isolation: the unexpected side effects 34:12 Episode Artwork Pregnancy and the Pandemic: Vaccine recommendations during pregnancy and breastfeeding 14:52 Episode Artwork COVID-19 Vaccine Facts vs. Fiction 15:43 Episode Artwork The Science Behind the Vaccine with Dr. Sam Pope 13:31 Episode Artwork Vaccine Arrival and Distribution in Connecticut 14:06 Episode Artwork Better Than Normal with Hartford HealthCare President & CEO Jeffrey A. Flaks 8:00 Episode Artwork Behind the COVID front line (full) COVID nurses share personal perspectives 10:58 Episode Artwork Screen time surge (full) Dr. Paul Weigle on gaming and screen addiction 38:36 Episode Artwork The power of communication (full) Dr. John Grady-Benson 17:01 Episode Artwork Know Your Audience (short) Dr. Tolin on sharing our fears and feelings 2:05 Episode Artwork Call of Duty (short) Dr. Tolin on prolonged front line stress 3:32 Episode Artwork Panic Attack (short) Dr. Tolin on why they never last forever 5:16 Episode Artwork The science of stress and anxiety (full) Dr. David Tolin 18:33 Episode Artwork End of life as we know it (short) Dr. Santopietro sees hope on the horizon 6:10 Episode Artwork Fear Factor (short) Dr. Santopietro on fear & contagion 2:35