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Cannabis Connection: The risks and rewards of legalization
Cannabis Connection: The risks and rewards of legalization 16:16 Prostate Cancer Defined: Dr. David Ahlborn 17:06 Physician Suicide Prevention: A courageous conversation 20:30 Zoom Boom: Cosmetic surgery is on the rise 13:09 What's Your Type? Identifying and managing diabetes 12:44 Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility 20:56 Dual Diagnosis: The delicate balance of mental and physical health in young adults 16:23 When To End The Fight: A ringside view from two fight doctors 22:00 A Robotic Evolution 13:25 MMA Guidance from a Black Belt Physician 14:40 Brain Fog: Could the COVID era be to blame? 12:57 The Anatomy of Spine Wellness: Dr. Vijay Yanamadala 24:50 Colonoscopies just got younger 14:23 Health Equity: Examining the past, present and future 24:26 COVID-19 Long-Haulers with Dr. Subramani Seetharama 14:59 Which shot is the best shot? COVID Vaccine efficacy with Keith Grant 5:15 Isolation: the unexpected side effects 34:12 Pregnancy and the Pandemic: Vaccine recommendations during pregnancy and breastfeeding 14:52 COVID-19 Vaccine Facts vs. Fiction 15:43 The Science Behind the Vaccine with Dr. Sam Pope 13:31 Vaccine Arrival and Distribution in Connecticut 14:06 They Meet Again 10:44 A Heart Failure Success 10:53 Behind the Mask of a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner 17:08 Weight loss solutions that can change your life 53:30