Motherhood in Black & White

Flaws and All

July 24, 2020 Kaanji and Tara Season 1 Episode 0
Motherhood in Black & White
Flaws and All
Show Notes

'FAMILY isn't always blood.  It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are.  The ones who would do anything to see you smile & love you no matter what.'  Welcome to our family.

The Motherhood and Black and White Podcast is a weekly conversation with Kaanji and Tara about motherhood- the challenges and celebrations.  This momcast is a place where motherhood and cultural learning intersect.  This week's episode is an Introduction to the momcast and the hosts- as we begin to dive into how we learn to love ourselves, flaws and all.  Welcome to the conversation.

Kaanji and Tara are both anti-racism advocates and members of the leadership team for Embrace Action, an anti-racism advocacy and educational nonprofit organization.  You can learn more about Embrace Action by visiting 

 Tara is a bank executive living in North Dallas with her husband and son.   A recovering overachiever that tends to stretch herself a bit thin trying to be all things to all people, she’s learning more and more about how to strive for ordinary.  She loves Beyonce, dancing in the kitchen, inappropriate conversations with her girlfriends, laughing with her family, and hyping other people up.  She’s currently halfway through an MBA program and aspires to serve in a capacity that empowers women in her community.  She is always a work in progress.

 Kaanji is a coach, anti-racism advocate and practicing attorney.  She’s passionate about engaging people in honest and authentic conversations about the Black experience in America.  California-born and raised and a recovering New Yorker, proud Georgetown alum Kaanji resides in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX with her husband and 11-year old son.  A self-professed wine connoisseur and lover of all things Prince, she holds space in the company of amazing friends and a supportive family.  

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