The Golf Professional Growth Project

EP008: An Innovative Look at the Labor Issue | Tyler Bloom, Tyler Bloom Consulting

January 21, 2021 Dean Kandle, PGA Professional and Founder, Golf Professional Growth Season 1 Episode 8
The Golf Professional Growth Project
EP008: An Innovative Look at the Labor Issue | Tyler Bloom, Tyler Bloom Consulting
Show Notes

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In this episode:

While there are a lot of differences between the jobs and responsibilities of a Golf Professional and a Golf Course Superintendent, in the end we’re both at the facility to meet the expectations of our customers, drive value to the bottom line, and to recruit and retain great people to our teams.  When you look at the career paths of Golf Professionals and Superintendents, there are many similarities in the challenges that we face as we climb the ladder in our careers.  And in the end, we’re both trying to gain the right experience and grow an influential network that will help us land that leadership position in our side of the golf industry.  So when you really get down to it, while our jobs are different, our challenges, our struggles and our successes share many similarities.

In this episode, we talk about all of this and more with Tyler Bloom, of Tyler Bloom Consulting.  You’ll hear about Tyler’s career as a Golf Course Superintendent which included stops at some of the most renowned facilities in the country and why he pivoted his career to combine his passion for the industry with his true calling in leadership, management and career development.  As he discusses his career trajectory, you may find similarities with your own story.  Maybe it’s time for you to ask some tough questions or make some difficult decisions about your career.  Is there something pulling you in a different direction or does your true passion lie somewhere else than where you’re currently sitting?  These are critical questions to ask and it’s why I think Tyler’s story is important. 

And finally, we get into discussing the current state of labor in the golf industry.  It’s no secret that it’s as difficult as ever to fill positions in our industry.  This isn’t unique to the golf department at your club.  It stretches into every area at every facility.  As a Golf Course Superintendent Tyler tackled this problem head on and found an innovative way to find ready, willing and able team members to the point where he eliminated the need to even advertise open positions.  Could this program work at your club and solve the seemingly never-ending labor dilemma?  Let’s find out.

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