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(BB) Ep4_Prayer Isn't a Punch List, It's a Partnership (Melissa Medina)

November 04, 2020 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 4
Reformers Collective
(BB) Ep4_Prayer Isn't a Punch List, It's a Partnership (Melissa Medina)
Show Notes

Host Becky Hennesy introduces her podcast audience to a familiar face and voice at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). Melissa Medina is a rising new voice in the growing prayer initiative across the DFW area.

As a member of the Trinity Church pastoral staff, Melissa has launched a fresh wave of corporate prayer and intercession for members/attendees. She is also a frequent teacher on the subject of prayer through in-person and Zoom-based Bible studies.

Becky and Melissa talk about the Holy Spirit's influence in prayer as a partnership with God. They also unpack the pain of Melissa's struggle to have children, how she experienced a miraculous pregnancy, and the moment when God supernaturally healed her son from a deadly disease.

Melissa explains to Becky her strong belief that is really no such thing as an unanswered prayer and how intimacy with the Father changes our perspective of God's timing in answering prayer.

This podcast is full of high energy, encouragement and hope for those seeking to walk deeper in a natural never-ending conversation with God!

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Becky Hennesy is co-lead pastor with her husband Jim at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). For more information about Trinity Church:
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