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(BB) Ep5_My Friend and Her Fresh Prophetic Voice (Dehavilland Ford)

November 18, 2020 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 5
Reformers Collective
(BB) Ep5_My Friend and Her Fresh Prophetic Voice (Dehavilland Ford)
Show Notes

Host Becky Hennesy has a heartwarming chat with her good friend Dehavilland Ford. She is a rising new voice in the realms of the prophetic and racial reconciliation. The insights Dehavilland shares with Becky are critical for the Body of Christ to hear in this hour.

In the current struggle for the American church to experience racial reconciliation, Dehavilland explains the Biblical balance between righteousness and justice, the importance of reasoning together with others in the Body of Christ, embracing the concept of deep listening, and why it's a mistake to leave a long-standing relationship over a misunderstanding of each other's cultural background.

Dehavilland also shares with Becky her remarkable journey to faith in Jesus. It's a wild ride worth a listen. Born to parents addicted to crack cocaine and other drugs, she was taken from her home and thrust into the foster care system. For four years, she lived with Chris Rock's family (yes that Chris Rock). Her story also includes undergoing a forced name change, searching for personal identity, living in shelters and eventually homeless on a park bench in New York City, experiencing the Toronto Blessing, and much more.

Another highlight of their conversation is how Dehavilland discusses the delicate transition from being single in her 30s to instant motherhood after marrying Will Ford who had previous children from a prior marriage.

Today Dehavilland and her husband Will operation a ministry called 818 The Sign. It's a global effort with a goal "to raise up a new generation of prophetic leaders by training them not only in the gifts of the spirit, but also in biblical righteousness and justice to tackle the issues facing the hour in which we live."

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