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Ep8_Helping Young Women Overcome Crisis (Nicole Hernandez)

January 06, 2021 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 8
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Ep8_Helping Young Women Overcome Crisis (Nicole Hernandez)
Show Notes

Host Becky Hennesy sits down with Nicole Hernandez who serves as the home Director for Bridges (formerly Bridges Safehouse). Her passion to help women in crisis is unmatched in the DFW community. 

Nicole has developed Bridges into much more than just temporary housing. Bridges has a boutique store, childbirth education, a community diaper pantry, parenting classes, trauma intervention, and much more. 

But Nicole has plans to expand. She wants to launch a resource center and work with local apartment builders to dedicate several units per building as designated temporary living spaces for women in crisis.

Becky also dives deep into what makes Nicole tick. Listeners will learn details about Nicole's own turbulent childhood resulting from being born out of a teenage pregnancy (her mother was just 15). It's evident from Becky's conversation that this experience has deposited into Nicole a deep reservoir of genuine compassion and energy toward other women who need practical and spiritual answers to life's challenges.

To learn more about Bridges and how you can support this amazing south Dallas outreach contact the staff at:
[email protected]

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