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(BB) Ep9_Meet the Queen of DFW Fashion Design (Tawni Haynes)

January 20, 2021 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 9
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(BB) Ep9_Meet the Queen of DFW Fashion Design (Tawni Haynes)
Show Notes

Host Becky Hennesy invites business entrepreneur Tawni Haynes to the show. Tawni is the founder of Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel and one of the coolest people you'll ever meet! Becky and Tawni discuss her divinely-directed journey from college athlete to AT&T executive to one of the most sought after custom apparel designers in America. 

Tawni's passion for God's Kingdom inside her heart and through the work of her hands is contagious and inspiring. Always a constant learner and chance-taker, Tawni walks Becky through several key moments in her own life where trust and faith in the Holy Spirit was her only guiding light. Hint: she loves the thrills of new adventures in her family, church life, and business.

Speaking of business, listeners will learn how Tawni has tapped into the twin powers of creativity and generosity to build a multi-million dollar business in less than 12 years in the fashion industry.  

Tawni's contact info and links...
Shop Tawni Haynes
316 W. Belt Line Rd
Cedar Hill, TX  75104
[email protected]

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Becky Hennesy is co-lead pastor with her husband Jim at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). For more information about Trinity Church:
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