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(BB) Ep14_From Fostering to Full-time Family (Stacy Fulton)

May 05, 2021 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 14
Reformers Collective
(BB) Ep14_From Fostering to Full-time Family (Stacy Fulton)
Show Notes

How does a married barren woman transition from zero children to having an instant family of five? Host Becky Hennesy chats with hero and champion Stacy Fulton to find out.

After years of trying to have their own children, she and her husband Ronnie took in three siblings through a local foster program.  They fell in love with the experience and the trio of boys. It didn't take long for the Fultons to take the next step toward full adoption of brothers Jeremiah, Charlie, and Taylor.

But life after post-adoption day has had its share of challenges..and Stacy openly discusses some of those unforeseen obstacles.
Stacy also has some strong feelings and ideas on how the local church can step as a flashpoint of reformation for the entire foster care system in America. She dishes them out to Becky in this inspiring episode.

Plus, Becky invites Stacy to share about her own father's struggle with COVID and the hard-working health care professionals she's encountered during this pandemic period.

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Becky Hennesy is co-lead pastor with her husband Jim at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). For more information about Trinity Church:
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