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Ep16_Deciding on Life After Devastating Loss (Neisha Byrd)

June 16, 2021 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 16
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Ep16_Deciding on Life After Devastating Loss (Neisha Byrd)
Show Notes

It's one thing to talk about "soaring on eagle's wings" (Isaiah 40:31) but Neisha Byrd has mastered this mysterious verse. In the aftermath of back to back tragedy that rocked her family several years ago, Neisha has discovered the secret to trusting in the Lord and renewing herself in Him.

Neisha is also one of host Becky Hennesy's true BFFs and she's the feature guest on this inspiring episode. They walk through the tragic death of her college-age son Cameron while driving back from Oregon on a spring break trip in 2015. A few years later, Neisha lost her husband Wendell to cancer.

Yet instead of falling into unspeakable despair, something remarkable happened. She calls it Byrd Nation: a church family and community that rallied around her family in ways that mark what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. Becky and Neisha unpack all the ways she has experienced the love of God in action on her behalf.

Neisha has served in administration at Trinity Christian School (now part of the Texas Leadership Public Schools charter system) for nearly two decades and she is better known as Mama Byrd to her students.

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Becky Hennesy is co-lead pastor with her husband Jim at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). For more information about Trinity Church:
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