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(BB) Ep18_Holding onto Hope in Hard Seasons (Jennifer McKay)

July 21, 2021 Becky Hennesy Season 1 Episode 18
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(BB) Ep18_Holding onto Hope in Hard Seasons (Jennifer McKay)
Show Notes

Chronic illness is a tough pill to swallow. But when illness is also unexplainable to doctors, it can feel like it's choking the life out of you. No answers. No solution. Fading hope.

That was life for Jennifer McKay for 12 long years...until a divine appointment ended the detour from her destiny. Host Becky Hennesy sits down with Jennifer to discuss her amazing story and how she held on to hope in a very long hard season. Her struggles with health actually began as a teenager when she was diagnosed with diabetes. As those with this condition must do, Jennifer learned to take insulin shots and watch her diet.

But over the years, her pain increased from mild to sharply acute. This was beyond diabetes and Jennifer knew it. Her road to recovery began after finally being properly diagnosed with pancreatitis. Believing that God was wanting to use doctors to restore her health, Jennifer chose the nuclear option: she had her pancreas, spleen and part of her small intestine removed.

Listeners will learn what happened next in Jennifer's life in this episode of Being Becky! Jennifer is a pastor's wife (Kids in Action Pastor Matt McKay at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas) and mother of two boys.

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Becky Hennesy is co-lead pastor with her husband Jim at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). For more information about Trinity Church:
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