Were You Listening? Track 17: África Terra Querida (English)

November 10, 2021 Mix(ed)tape Season 7 Episode 17
Were You Listening? Track 17: África Terra Querida (English)
Show Notes

In África Terra Querida (Africa Beloved Motherland) singer and songwriter Paulo Flores  displays his poetic lyricism with a candid, melancholic description of various situations that depict life in the African continent and in Angola in particular, ranging from the relationship with elders, to interactions between neighbors, to the extremely popular game of soccer, the sport of the masses.

Were we listening?

This episode accompanies the “Dança Kizomba” episode of the second season of our podcast  devoted to the kizomba rhythm and dance, check that one out because it is fire! In this episode we are fortunate to have Rui Djassi Moracén as a co-host to fix Andrés’ broken Portuguese translation and to contextualize the song. Rui is an Angolan project manager, and the founder of the University of Kizomba, a non-profit educational initiative that aims to promote Angola at large, preserving its culture and the essence of its dances.

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Producer: Melissa Villodas, PhD Candidate
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