Were You Listening? Track 18: Rebelión (English)

December 28, 2021 Mix(ed)tape Season 7 Episode 18
Were You Listening? Track 18: Rebelión (English)
Show Notes

In Rebelión, Joe Arroyo's most famous song, El Joe take us from the nameless sorrow of slavery in general, to the specific pain and ultimate rebellion of a black, enslaved man sparked by the desire to protect his partner.

Were we listening?

With this last episode of 2021 we are celebrating that our Mix(ed)tape Playlist of Afro-Latin songs has now more than 1000 songs!!! The songs in this playlist talk about blackness in the Americas, both the beauty and the pride, but also the perils and the racism. Ain't that something special? Help us celebrate and spread the word by checking out the playlist, giving it a like, and recommending it to those who you think might like it.

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Host/Director of Series: Andrés Hincapié, PhD
Producer: Melissa Villodas, PhD Candidate
Graphic Content Creator: Susan Mykalcio