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#090 | Mindful living, mediation and anxiety superpowers with Dr. Elisha Goldstein

June 20, 2022 Agile Ideas Episode 90
Agile Ideas
#090 | Mindful living, mediation and anxiety superpowers with Dr. Elisha Goldstein
Show Notes

This episode is one that I have been waiting to release - I've been looking forward to interviewing Dr. Elisha Goldstein ever since he said yes to coming on the podcast! 

Elisha Goldstein, PhD is one of the world's preeminent mindfulness teachers, a clinical psychologist, author of numerous books, and creator of the world's first "mental health accelerator" program. Dr. Goldstein is co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living and Psychotherapy in  Los Angeles and founder of the Mindful Living Collective – the online collaborative nexus of mindfulness and well-being. 

For the last 20 years as a psychologist and mindfulness educator, he has been at the forefront of integrating curriculum and training for Therapists, Educators, Business Professionals, active Military, Parents, and others in the art and science of mindful living. In an increasingly fragmented society, he is working to bring people together so they may motivate and inspire one another in far-reaching ways.

In this episode, Dr. Elisha and I explore: 

  • Mental health and its physical symptoms
  • Sharing personal experiences with anxiety and depression
  • His move into psychology, and his mental health journey
  • Strategies for those who don't know how to help their loved ones manage anxiety
  • How to measure success in an online mindfulness 
  • His mental health accelerator program, Uncover the Power Within

and much, much more!

You can reach Dr. Elisha on the following socials:

You can learn more about Dr. Elisha Goldstein, via his website:

You can purchase Dr. Elisha's books here: 

If you want to know more about the Uncover the Power program, head here: 

You can learn more about The Mindful Living Collective here: 

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