Agile Ideas

#109 | What Agile teams can learn from The Seabin Project

April 04, 2023 Agile Ideas Episode 109
Agile Ideas
#109 | What Agile teams can learn from The Seabin Project
Show Notes

In this episode, we explore the Seabin Project and what agile teams can learn from this innovative initiative. Discussing the Seabin Project's approach to problem-solving, collaboration, and sustainability. We'll delve into the project's agile principles and values and how they are applied to create positive environmental and social impact. We'll also discuss the challenges and opportunities that agile teams face when working on complex projects like Seabin and how to overcome them.

Some of the key points that we cover in this episode include:

  • Introduction to the Seabin Project and its mission to clean the oceans from plastic and other pollutants.
  • Overview of agile principles and how they can be applied to the Seabin Project to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Discussion of the Seabin Project's unique approach to collaboration, including cross-functional teams and stakeholder engagement.
  • Explanation of the role of continuous learning and improvement in agile teams and how it relates to the Seabin Project's long-term goals.
  • Insight into the challenges that agile teams may face when working on complex projects like Seabin and strategies for overcoming them.
  • Conclusion and key takeaways for agile teams looking to create positive social and environmental impact.

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