Agile Ideas

#115 | All things value streams

June 26, 2023 Agile Ideas Episode 115
Agile Ideas
#115 | All things value streams
Show Notes

In this episode, we delve into the comprehensive world of value streams, a key component in the Lean management philosophy. We explore what value streams are, how they function, and the indispensable benefits they bring to organisations.

We discuss the concept of value stream mapping, a method used to visualise and understand the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream. We explore the role of value streams in enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and improving overall customer value.

Moreover, we illustrate these concepts with a contemporary case study, showcasing how value streams have been strategically implemented to improve operational efficiency and create customer value.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Understanding what value streams are and how they function within an organisation.
  • Exploring the benefits of value streams, including enhanced efficiency, waste reduction, and improved customer value.
  • Analysing a contemporary case study that strategically implements value streams, providing a practical example of their application and benefits.

Join us as we unpack the potential of value streams and provide practical insights to help your organisation optimise its processes and create more value for your customers.

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