Agile Ideas

#117 | 7 Lessons from 7 Years in Business

August 09, 2023 Agile Ideas Episode 117
Agile Ideas
#117 | 7 Lessons from 7 Years in Business
Show Notes

In this episode, we explore the past seven years of Fatimah's entrepreneurial endeavours. As the CEO of AMO and a mental health ambassador, she shares her valuable insights and key lessons learned along the way. Whether you're aspiring to start your own business or seeking inspiration from a thriving entrepreneur, this blog post offers a captivating account of AMO's transformation from a bootstrapped venture to a big success. Let's embark on the inspiring story of AMO and discover how Fatimah turned her dreams into reality. And you can too.

In this episode of Agile Ideas, we cover the following key points:

  • Humble beginnings
  • Importance of planning and sales
  • Unique value proposition and networks
  • Thought leadership and marketing
  • Systems, structures and partnerships
  • and so much more...

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