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santa's midlife crisis

December 18, 2020 Bucky Booze Episode 23
Bucky Booze
santa's midlife crisis
Bucky Booze
santa's midlife crisis
Dec 18, 2020 Episode 23
Bucky Booze

The booz talk about their Christmas traditions! They remember when they found out Santa wasn't real, and much more. Check it out

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Show Notes Transcript

The booz talk about their Christmas traditions! They remember when they found out Santa wasn't real, and much more. Check it out

Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)

Jules  0:11  

Hope  0:13  
Hello, can you make the phone sideways so

 I can see you better?

Jules  0:17  
What do you mean so you can see me better? 

Hope  0:19  
Because you're not

You're like up and down, and usually it's sideways and big *laughter

Jules  0:26  
i' m trying to rip this flash off 

Hope  0:29  
Hi. That's so much better.

Jules  0:31  
I can't get it out. Okay, you guys. The reason we're only audio is because I always look like shit. I can. Okay,

who cares?

it'll fall out naturally. Okay, hi. Welcome to Bucky Booze.

Hope  0:47  
I'm Julie.

Jules  0:50  
I'm hope.

Hope  0:50  
*clap* There was a gnat like right in front of my face.

Jules  0:55  
I was like we already clap we've already started.

Hope is a little off.

Hope  1:01  
I'm just like really fucking dirty. So I have a gnat in my bedroom.

Jules  1:07  
I got this body wash today that I really can't wait to use.

Hope  1:11  
What's it smell like?

Jules  1:12  
It says it smells like lavender. But I don't know. I saw it all over Twitter. And I was like, I need to try that. You know how Twitter is so influential. It really in this day and age.

Hope  1:23  
I know it's crazy. I um I've been using this soap. You know, buff city?

Jules  1:30  
I do know city.

Hope  1:31  
I've been using buff city like soaps and laundry detergent and

Jules  1:35  
I love buff city.

Hope  1:38  
Yeah, you should.

You should get their detergent dude. Like, seriously my clothes. I've never smelled better. This is not a paid ad, by the way. 

Jules  1:46  
Yeah, neat--This is not a paid ad for the random Twitter soap either that I don't know the name. I think it's like Dr. Bonner's or something. Dr. Bronner's Bonners. 

Hope  1:58  
No--there is a brand called Dr. Bronner's. 

Jules  2:00  
Oh, then then it's Dr. Bronner's. It has that label with all those words on it.

Hope  2:05  
It's like all one color and the words are typed out. Yeah, I used to get the orange one. 

Jules  2:11  
Oh, well, wanted a good scent, but the best scent that they had was lavender. And I was like, whatever. I just need it to clean myself.

Hope  2:20  
And it's not that big. It's not that deep.

Jules  2:24  
Trying to explain why I personally need body wash. I'm different than you guys. I need more.

Hope  2:32  
I'm different. I have to wash my body. I know no one else does this. It's just a quirky thing. I do *laughter

Jules  2:39  
You know what I saw? so I have a new favorite show with called Deep creatures of the sea or something like that. 

Hope  2:48  
That sounds scary. 

Jules  2:49  
It is are creatures of the deep sea. Probably not deep creatures.

Hope  2:53  
Deep creatures.

Jules  2:55  
 But dude. Okay, so I was in the crab department, okay, like it was turned for the crabs. It was a crabs turn on the show. It was they were up next. Okay, I was watching the crab part. And okay, I don't know if you know this. And I hope you don't because I don't want to sound stupid. But Rob's get rid of their old show. Wait, what? Like lakes? No, I

Hope  3:19  
suppose why they do that on Sunday. Did you know I was thinking of something else. I saw this. Tick Tock. I've obviously been obsessed with Tick Tock for like two months now. But this guy made like soft shell crab. And he said, it's like whenever the crabs like shed their shell or something like that. They're soft for a little bit of time and people like take them and cook them and eat them just like that. Oh, no way. I know. It's so disgusting. But I I didn't know that until like, You reminded me of it.

Jules  3:53  
It was like it showed the process and it's just like, so uncomfortable. And then another thing is like, when crabs mate, they like okay, envision this listeners. So like one crab, and another crab. And they stick their bodies together and intertwine with their claws. So it's like belly to belly. And then they just somersault like they roll through the ocean.

Hope  4:19  
That's exactly what I do.

Jules  4:20  
Yeah, I know. I was like,

Hope  4:22  
just like human dad.

Jules  4:25  
So I thought that was crazy. And then another thing I'm like recapping the show for you guys.

Hope  4:29  
I know. This is your What are you into?

Jules  4:32  
They? I was watching a steam rate come across to eat them. And have you ever seen a steam re eat?

Hope  4:41  
No, I've never seen this tingri

Jules  4:43  
so like, obviously its mouth is on the bottom of it. It just like opens and sucks up the crabs. So disgusting. Oh, yeah, totally gross.

Hope  4:56  
That's disgusting.

Jules  4:57  
Yeah, I know. Okay, and then you Guys also I know this is my one of you into time. But I have been Christmas shopping like crazy, because by the time this episode drops, it'll be not Christmas, but almost Christmas. And just so you guys know, like, I've been having a great time doing all of that. Thank you Next.

Hope  5:20  
I know I'm really excited. So I actually have started doing oil paintings. Like I finished my entire Christmas shopping list. I got it all done. Anyway, so I'm painting oil paintings for my grandparents, and I fucking suck at it. I'm trying really hard. It's like my second time using oil paint. And the first time I painted an egg, just a plain ol egg,

Jules  5:43  
but it was so beautiful egg.

Hope  5:45  
Thank you. It was like,

Jules  5:47  
extremely impressive.

Hope  5:49  
It was just an egg. Well, I'm

Jules  5:51  
an art critic. And I'm

Hope  5:53  
true. And boy, do I not want to see this house. But I'm going to keep trucking. I'm going to keep working on it. I painted yesterday like one set of grandparents house like the bottom layer. So I need to do the rest of it this week. I guess. It's just really hard with oil paints because I don't know how to use them. Oh,

Jules  6:17  

Hope  6:18  
And they don't dry or they take like hat. They took like a month to dry. Basically.

Jules  6:23  
No way. Yeah, it's

Hope  6:24  
like still wet and I have oil paint on my arm that won't come off. So it's all green. It's not a bruise. It looks like a bruise. I know. I was anyway so that's what I've been into.

Jules  6:34  
Um, my family got a new dog you guys. Oh, yes. Yes. So he is tiny baby, too. They said the breed I must have the brand. They said the breed but I forgot it. But it's just like this tiny like half a pound little puppy. Eight weeks old. He's so fucking cute.

Hope  6:56  
He's so tiny and fluffy.

Jules  6:59  
I know. I will post on the story. I want to see him like fully shaved though just so I can see like how little he is. They probably will not shave them.

Hope  7:07  
I mean, I know he's a little puppy and it's winter but

Jules  7:11  
like no bigger than like this cozy. I know he is so cute. So little, little teeth. So I just can't wait for Benji to go and like step on him and have fun and it's just gonna be really adorable.

Hope  7:26  
It's gonna be so cute. And they're like the same colors.

Jules  7:29  
I know. I

Hope  7:30  
was saying that. But once fluffy and once like regular ones plain Jane. Also Benji is in his Christmas color. And He is so handsome. He is handsome. She showed me Benji before we started recording and he's very sweet and very cute. Do we have anything else? No. Oh,

Jules  7:55  
I except. Okay. I do want to say this though. I just found out recently that Joe Rogan and Seth Rogen are not others. I thought they were brothers. I was like, oh, they're both talented, but they're not. So

Hope  8:12  
yeah. Not brothers. I prefer Seth.

Jules  8:17  
Yeah, I prefer Seth to

Hope  8:19  
Yeah. Also, by our merge we've already sold seven shirts. Yeah, so that's awesome.

Jules  8:27  
Yeah, guys, it's actually like really, really cool stuff. And it's just super fucking cool. So just buy it because you're gonna look good in it. Probably for the first time in your life. You'll look good. And like Oh, you know what? I was stuck. I was stalking doja cat on Twitter yesterday for some weird reason.

Hope  8:47  
Sometimes we do that yeah.

Jules  8:49  
And she's mean

Hope  8:51  
No, she's like a closet Republican. I think she was on like all these I think this came out a couple months ago where she was on all these like random servers with a ton of like Trump supporters and shit like that and she like I don't know.

Jules  9:08  
I don't know no weird Yeah, like I mean I didn't care about her or really like know anything about her I do not know how i mean i stock Ben and Jerry's Instagram page the other day like I just do that

Hope  9:20  
yeah, I stalk random celebrities Yeah,

Jules  9:22  
you just like get like lost in this like rabbit hole of doing stupid shit but she's just like really, really mean to like her fans and stuff and I just don't understand I get that

Hope  9:35  
that's weird.

Okay, so that wraps up our What are you into? We didn't really introduce it. We just started talking but that's fine. If you're new here we do. What are you into? And then we move on to our boozer Lloyd was our booth or lose Jesus Christ. Our Oh my god, I can't talk anyone is wrong. Okay, I think I think I had a stroke. All right, so

Jules  10:06  
the next segment is the blue loop. I'm going to take it over for hope, because obviously she's kind of going through something. So clearly let me go ahead and tell you what I'm drinking right now. I'm drinking the shiner holiday cheer. It's so cute. I've seen this everywhere. I just haven't tried it. The packaging is literally like the cutest little thing in the whole world. It says tis the season for cheer given to someone you love it. It has a whole little description and I'll read it for you really, really fast. Here we go. Happy holidays from the little brewery in shiner, Texas We hope you enjoy your shiner cheer in Old World. Doug dunkel weizen What is it?

Hope  10:45  
I don't know.

Jules  10:46  
I can't read it. brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans. The multi flavors of this dark wheat flavored ale are enhanced through the use of malted barley and wheat. And then there's some German words I think, but yeah, I'm excited to drink it. Hopefully.

Hope  11:02  
I think I have one from again the pig six my brother caught me. I've just been like slowly going through these but this one is a Kings of Leon beer. It's called neon Leon. It's by happ in Harry's and obviously Kings of Leon. It looks cute. It has all sorts of things written on the side that I will not read. And I don't know what percent it is. It doesn't say Oh, yeah, let

Jules  11:29  
me look Kings of Leon merge is their beer. I cannot wait till the day that we are successful enough to have Bucky Booze on a beer cam.

Hope  11:35  
It's 4% Yeah, once we have our dude our beer like, if we get big enough to sell Bucky Booze beer. It's gonna be so fucking good.

Jules  11:46  
It's gonna be so good. Like a totally nice IPA is

Hope  11:50  
what? It's gonna be way better than juicy haze, which is my favorite beer.

Jules  11:53  
Yeah, juicy haze is probably one. It's probably my favorite if we're like being honest. Yeah, that's my favorite niche. The flavor everything.

Hope  12:01  
Yeah, it's really up there. Let's crack them open.

Jules  12:07  
This smells weird.

Smells like peachy throw up.

Hope  12:15  
It said I had peach in it.

Jules  12:16  
I know. And I smell it. But it's like peach infused throw up.

Hope  12:21  
This just like exploded I had like the least satisfying can opening right now. It smells like a regular light beer.

Jules  12:28  
Okay, that is so confusing because it has like the heaviness and like the thickness of a beer but it is sweet. When you drink it. It tastes like it actually does taste like peaches. So that's just super weird. And I love peaches. I'm like the biggest peach girl. I mean,

Hope  12:48  
I love peaches.

What is your taste like? Minus like, kind of bitter. It's very light. Like the mouthfeel is very light. It's not like heavy, it doesn't linger. It's like very I don't know how to explain it other than like bright tasting. You know? Like, it's,

Jules  13:07  
I mean,

Hope  13:09  
it's good. It's just like kind of plain light but really bitter. So I guess like the hops in there. Stronger, something.

Jules  13:17  
This tastes like a boochi boochi A boozy peach cobbler. Like as a liquid. I mean, it's not bad at all. It's a booze. It's great, but I've just never had anything like it.

Hope  13:30  
Yeah, I would say this is a boost. Like I would definitely if someone asked me if it's okay to drink and like, yeah, drink it. But I probably wouldn't like go out of my way to buy it just because it is a little underwhelming,

Jules  13:41  
right. Let me take another step.

Hope  13:43  
I definitely wouldn't steer people away from it. This is good. I wouldn't be like Oh, gross, disgusting. Don't buy the cute Nasir pig.

But also be wondering

like, why are you buying a Kingsley? That's weird.

Jules  13:57  
They're just fans. Okay.

Hope  13:58  
I know.

Jules  14:00  
That's weird to think that. I mean, no offense, but it's just weird to think that there's like Kings of Leon fans out there in the world. I mean, it's kind of like, like fans. Oh, yeah. I don't like cold. I like old Coldplay. Like I was obsessed with them when I was in high school, but I don't know. I just think that's so weird.

Hope  14:19  
You like Coldplay, and you think it's so weird to have people are fans?

Jules  14:23  
I mean, I liked Coldplay. I mean, I still like Coldplay. I mean, I like what I liked back then. I haven't listened to anything or like Yeah, but whatever. I mean, it's kind of like in the same way that like, I'm the biggest 21 pilots fan in the world, but I know that everybody else like hates them. It's kind of like that. I don't know. Also they did really really well this year and they have a Christmas song little super good. Christmas they see here baby. Okay.

Hope  14:52  
I like Ariana Grande dates Christmas song.

Jules  14:55  
I she just has such a like, beautiful Christmas like jolly voice Like it's a really. Yeah, it's super Christmas. It's like so light and beautiful and like,

Hope  15:06  
yeah, like choices

Jules  15:08  
or voices like a puff pastry.

Hope  15:10  
It's like velvet.

Jules  15:12  
I get a lot.

Hope  15:13  
It's like very smooth. It's nice. Yeah,

Jules  15:16  
ticket. I mean, Mariah. I love Mariah with all my heart. I love Mariah. But I feel like Ariana Grande is like, please don't come after me. I love Mariah Carey. But she's just like a smoother, Mariah.

Hope  15:29  
Everyone compares

the two because they both can do the whistle notes or could more I can't anymore. But why? She can. She's just got an older you know, she's like, probably not really focused on that. As much as she used to be. She already know that she already she made her money. She has her fame. Now she has her kids and is doing her own damn thing. And I support it. I love her to know that I'm Mariah stand, but I don't know I love Adriana. I

Jules  15:58  
love I don't know. She's just like, she's just like a cute person. You know? She is like, I'm going to watch I watched a trailer for her documentary after that failed episode when we were talking about it. lol Yeah. Um, and it looks really good. So

Hope  16:14  
y'all watch that, too. will give thoughts.

Jules  16:16  
Let's watch it together on the 19th.

Hope  16:19  
Yes, let's watch it together. That'll be some cute.

Jules  16:23  
Oh, you guys. I Oh, hey, listen, I need to tell you something first. Okay, go ahead. So your Christmas gift is so cute. And I'm kind of like going through something because I kind of want to show you what I got in early. But Should I just wait so you're surprised to?

Hope  16:41  
I don't know. I'll just wait.

Jules  16:44  
Okay, well, wait. Okay. I'm excited. All I know, you and me and Christmas. Like we just kind of like, like, have this power.

Hope  16:53  
You know, it goes hand in hand. And when we are

Jules  16:55  
together dominating Christmas,

Hope  16:58  
I know. Nothing can stop us. Oh,

Jules  17:01  
I hate that you're vegetarian? Because I was thinking like, I'm gonna make it I was like, No, I'm not gonna make I was gonna make you some soup or something. But like, I can't you can make vegetarian soup. Anyway.

Hope  17:16  
I'm not gonna do it. But um, our next episode comes out on Christmas Day.

Jules  17:22  
Yes. Okay, you guys.

Hope  17:24  
Ah, first of all,

y'all need to send us some fucking stories. Like, I'm serious. I read on a few.

Jules  17:31  
I'm tired of telling these people. Every single time.

Hope  17:35  
I know everyone's like, Yay, I have a story for this. I have a story for this. I'm like, send it to us what the fog like you think we're just gonna know your story. Like, read your mind.

Jules  17:44  
You think we're Edward? We're not Edward.

Hope  17:46  
I don't know. You can get a shout out on the episode if you tell us your story. And you might get famous from it. Because we were gonna do a little special thing a little back to back with New Year's Eve and Christmas stories because our next episode after the Christmas episode is New Year's Eve. So that would be like, a fun thing to do. But you'll have to send the fucking stories.

Jules  18:05  
It's a double whammy. I know. Okay, so, because we are so jolly right now. Like we're in the spirit. We kind of just, you know, we're gonna give you your time to shine with your beautiful stories and stuff. But we kind of want to talk about us. I want to talk about me. I'm gonna talk about I I'm not gonna do this with you. That's where my mind was to. Um, but we just want to talk to you guys about like Christmas and like what we do to get in the spirit and shit like that. So whenever Christmas rolls around, okay, like December like what is what is the first thing you do that really makes you feel like holy fuck, like it's Christmas season.

Hope  18:51  
I dragged my trees out of the closets.

Jules  18:54  
Do you? Do you put your tree away wrapped? Or do you not like already decorated or do you take everything?

Hope  19:00  
Yeah, all three of my trees stay decorated year round. I just put them in closets. And then like seriously, Hunter and I had a day after Thanksgiving where we just are before Thanksgiving because I wanted to be decorated for them. Where we just grabbed all the trees out of the closet and then put up all the extra little Christmas decorations like I don't know it just really gets me in the mood because then you have the cute little lighting like behind me and I don't know just something about Christmas trees like the actual decorations Just get me right in the mood.

Jules  19:32  
Okay, I love that. So whenever I was growing up my like we would always take the ornaments off and then we would redecorate it next year, which is still what my mom likes to do, but my dad like wraps his tree like we wrap in saran wrap, put it up in the attic, take it down and then like unwrap it. That's what they've done forever. What I did this year though, is I had a tree last year that I kept decorated all year long because I had it up most of the year. But I won. We decorated that. Yeah, we decorated together. Yeah. I think that was in like April to make use of it. Yeah. Oh, we should we decorate it in April. And then I just kept it up. And then this year, it was still like the same ornaments. And I just wasn't a fan of the colors anymore. So I took all of those off and redecorated it. So that's how my tree looks. Now it's really pretty enlightened has all this ratio on it. But what I like to do to get into the spirit, my first thing 100% is I watch elf. Like, yes, I watch off pretty much year round, but not like, frequently. But like, as soon as it's like December, it's like, I'm turning Elf on and getting my seasonal, chestnut praline. Then I'm like it's not

Hope  20:46  
Yes. Every time I forgot about that, yeah, I always get a chestnut pretty lean. As soon as those come out. It just like brings me back to all those memories. We should. We will later but we're gonna tell some stories about our Starbucks times. That Starbucks was like, otherworldly.

Jules  21:02  
That Starbucks was literally like, I don't know, it was like the highlight of the year at work. It was it's just so fun. And I just love doing that. But yeah, so I definitely think that getting my latte is like this. Yeah, moment.

Hope  21:18  
Oh, and also I like making ornaments. Like, I like the aesthetic trees that people put out, like my brother and sister in law have like an all white and gold tree and stuff like that. But it's just not me. Like I'm more like, eclectic, I guess. And so yeah. And also, I always like to make like homemade ornaments and, like, collect new ones, like people will give me ornaments and stuff. So I like collecting new ones. And just having all those memories laid out on the tree every year. It's really nice. That is here. That's something that I want to do whenever I have a family with kids is do that, because like my parents, like we would always make ornaments, and they have them on the tree. And it's super cute.

Jules  21:59  
So I definitely want to do that. Also, one thing that hoping I do every Christmas, it's our little tradition is we make gingerbread houses. We on the 19th we will be making more gingerbread houses. It'll be so fun, and it'll be super fun. Oh,

Hope  22:14  
it's gonna be so cute. I remember when we did that with hot glue.

Jules  22:18  
Yes. That's like one of my favorite memories of all time is that and like, remember when we when my mom was like, go buy everyone's Christmas gifts. So you and I were just like running around all day long. like buying stuff shopping.

Hope  22:31  
Yeah, daily Christmas shopping also gets me in the mood. Like, I love picking out gifts for people and like getting them all wrapped and ready under the tree and like author can be so excited. I love this. It's a I don't know,

Jules  22:44  
I did most most of my Christmas shopping online this year, which I think everybody probably did.

Hope  22:49  
Yeah, me too.

Jules  22:50  
But I did go out on Saturday, and I went and did some Christmas shopping. And it was fun for a little bit like, I definitely have fun doing it. But when you like are trying to get something for someone that you don't really like talk to all the time you don't exactly know what they want or need. Yeah, you freak the fuck out. And I'm talking about my father and my mom. So I called my mom like freaking out. I was like, Mom, I cannot do this. I can't do it. Like, I don't know what to get my dad and she was like you already did. And I was like, What are you talking about? She's like, you already got him something. And I was like I did and she's like, I'll text it to you. So she bought him like this really nice thing to make because he makes moonshine. She got

Hope  23:33  
it. I didn't know that. Yeah, we should have stole Brian's moonshine. Well,

Jules  23:38  
like her. I just started the moonshine thing like in the last couple years. So I've been so redneck I bought him something for it. Apparently. It's nice. It was like $70. And my mom was like, I'm putting your name on it. I was like, we're saying yeah, I and another cute thing you guys is that this year, I got to buy my sister doggie stuff for her baby puppy, which is just nice, because it's so much more fun shopping for dogs than it is for kittens.

Hope  24:07  
Yeah. They'll love anything.

Jules  24:10  
Yes. And it's just like, I don't know, it's easy to get like caught up in doing that. But like also like, dog stuff is like cheaper and you can get like a million things. Like for a pup and it only be like 2030 bucks. Yeah, so it's really nice. Oh, yeah.

Hope  24:27  
What do you do on Christmas?

Unknown Speaker  24:29  
Like, what?

Hope  24:30  
What's your Christmas Day? tradition? Because my family is always It's crazy.

Jules  24:37  
My family I am. Okay. I love Christmas like obviously, but I hate, like, hate what my parents want to do. So like we wake up in the morning and we open our gifts and that's really nice and fun. But my parents, I guess my whole family is like, they're huge movie people like they love going to the movies, blah, blah, blah. So our Christmas tradition for the last. I can't even tell you how many Yours is like, we would have to go to the fucking movie theater and watch movies like watch a really cool movie that comes out. And you guys, I swear I hate movies like, I hate going to the movie theaters. I just don't like it and like, I usually get, like shit that, like I would get a phone or a camera or something that I really want to use, like and figure out and spend the day just like, checking it out, you know? Yeah. But then I had to go to the fucking movie theater for like, and you know, the movies that come out on Christmas Day are usually like three to four hours long. So it's just like, last year, I actually got to skip out on it last year because I went to my boyfriend's Christmas after I did my family's Christmas when they went to the movies, and I didn't have to go Thank God. But yeah, um, hopefully we don't have to go this year. I mean, it's Coronavirus and thankful for that. But yeah, we'll see what we do. We're going to the My parents lake house for actual Christmas Day. So we'll probably just hang out with the dogs. And that's all I would want to do.

Hope  26:01  
That sounds relaxing. Yeah. I my family does. Like if I go to my mom's side, we'll go see a movie like the day after usually. And like the day of Christmas, my family like my immediate family. We're always at my parents house, we open gifts, and then we have breakfast together. And then I'll go over to Hunter's house, and we'll do that. And then we'll all go down to either my dad's or my mom's on the day of Christmas. So I have like three stops the day of Christmas every year. Mm hmm. And we always we also drink boiled custard, which I don't see many people doing that. It's usually I think it's so much better than eggnog. It tastes like melted ice cream. It's really good.

Jules  26:45  
Yeah, I think it's pretty good. Do you guys do like a dinner? Or do you guys just do breakfast,

Hope  26:53  
we just do breakfast usually. And then like whoever's house we go to, we'll just like eat. Like the, I guess, the day before on Christmas Eve, my mom always makes like a giant, like roast Like, seriously huge cost, like 50 bucks. And she'll cook that and like, have everybody over for dinner. But usually I skip out on that and go to Hunter's family, because all of his extended family does dirty Santa every year, which is way more fun. So I do that instead. Obviously, not this year, this year, I'm just going to go over wearing a mask to my parents house and like give all the gifts for the extended family to them. And then same thing at Hunter's house and then hunter and I will just spend the day together.

Jules  27:40  
That'll be sweet. I just like it. So you know how like in the Grinch. They have like the big feast at the end of it.

Hope  27:49  
Mm hmm.

Jules  27:50  
Like, I just thought that that's just so weird to me. Because like I know for credit for Thanksgiving, you do like a big bird and then you eat it. But like I didn't know on Christmas that that was like an actual thing. I mean, my mom is Mexican, so she makes pessoais every year. But what's it's like a really yummy soup. That like has it's like beef in it and like harmony and like it's so good and red.

Hope  28:19  
Yes, I

saw a video of Rachael Ray making that and then all the Mexicans were like, this is not how it's made. Girl you did not just do that I can really roasting her. Yeah, I

Jules  28:29  
mean, like the solei has to be done correctly. Like, because you can order Priscilla like restaurants and it's just like literally like shit water. And it's like, What the fuck is this? But no, yeah, so that's what we have every year for Christmas. And the New Year's which I don't get to spend with them anymore, but they always do like a huge seafood boil. And like that's like the worst thing to miss out on because I love seafood. But

Hope  28:55  
well, you can't do that anymore.

Jules  28:57  
I mean, I don't want to go hang out my family on New Year's Eve. You know, now that I don't drink at my house and yeah,

Hope  29:04  
have a good time. For New Years. My family always does the like Black Eyed Peas. Yeah, we did do like hawkshaw and then that. It's like, I don't know how to explain it. It's kind of like begun but you like put flour over it a little bit and you fry it. It's really bad for you. You should only eat it like once a year, which is what my family does. And then greens because apparently if you have like Black Eyed Peas, greens and then pork for like money and stuff, it's like good luck. Yeah,

Jules  29:36  
yeah. And then all this money. They make gumbo. gumbo. I don't like gumbo. My

Hope  29:44  
dad I used to not when I was little and then I got older and liked it now I'm vegetarian and I haven't had gumbo in years.

Jules  29:51  
But just like you I don't like gumbo, my dad,

Hope  29:54  
you eat over rice. It's good.

Jules  29:57  

Hope  29:58  
but I like the like Cajun or Is that Creole? I don't know. I think I like those flavors. Yo.

Jules  30:03  
Yeah, I like those flavors too. I don't know just something bad no made just because my dad was cooking it. And like, my dad makes really good food but he makes a lot of like country people food, which I mean most of it. That's my family. My

Hope  30:15  
family is very southern.

Jules  30:17  
I mean, I like Southern food a lot. But like gumbo, and like there's this other thing that I can't remember the name of. It's just like not great. What's it called? I don't know like shrimp and grits. I don't like shrimp and grits I think like Sorry, but I think they're too plain. See, I

Hope  30:31  
owe you then you haven't had good shrimp and grits because it's supposed to be like spicy and like, have like kind of Cajun flavors in it and like, Oh, it's supposed to be really good. That's another thing that people shit on grits because they're like literally just getting it and like boiling grits playing and eating them like that. But my family does like this bait grits thing with like jalapenos and cheese and oh my god, it's so good. My family puts like, peppers and everything.

Jules  30:59  
Oh, when I was at the store today, I didn't buy it just because I like bought a whole bunch of other ship. But I saw that go to Jane Doe to Jane Yum,

Hope  31:09  
that she's so good.

Jules  31:10  
I should have bought it. I was looking for another bottle, but they only have like this huge ass tub. And I was like, oh nine like a bunch of other like Asian shit. And I just yeah,

Hope  31:19  
I have a little bottle like this big.

Jules  31:22  
It wasn't even a bottle. It was a tub. Like, you know those I can't believe it's not butter tubs. It was as big as that. And I was like, Well, fuck, I don't even know if I like this yet. But I just got like, totally Well, I probably will

save some Christmas stories. Obviously everybody has a ton of Christmas stories. But tell me one of your like, tell me when you found out that Santa wasn't real. Oh,

Hope  31:50  
I was actually just telling my co workers about this the other day. So like, I was in second grade. I think I was like seven. And I was asking my mom I was putting some feelers out. And I asked her I was like, is Santa real? Like, come on. And she was like, Santa is a game that everyone plays like everyone pretend Santa is real. Because it's a fun game. Like, that's just how we do it. And I was like, Okay, cool. And like, it really didn't affect me. Like, I didn't really care that much. It was disappointing. But I was like, okay, whatever. And I went on a Girl Scout trip that year. Oh, you told everyone. Yeah, they were like talking about it on the drive up. We were going to Chattanooga, and they were talking about it, like Santa on the drive up. And I was like Santa isn't real? And they're like, Oh, yes, he is. And you know, when you're a kid and you're like my mom said, like, yeah, that's Bible like that's what it is. My mom said it's real. I never like believed that that much. And they kept trying to use that. They were like, no, my mom said it's real. My mom said it's real. I'm like, Well, my mom said it's not. So what are you gonna do about that? Like, he is not real. And I told the mom that was driving like my girl scout leader, whatever. I was like, tell them Santa is not real seriously, come on. And she was like, No, Santa is real. And I was just like, so furious that she would lie to them like that, and that she wouldn't have my back when I know that Santa isn't real. And like later that night, when we were going to bed I asked my mom I was like, is Tantra real? Because I tried saying that he wasn't. And Miss Vicki said that. He was in front of everybody, blah, blah, blah. And she was like, No, it's just a game. So I was just like, to find out when they're older. Yeah, I hope they all did. And I hope it crushed every single one of them. And they thought that moment and was like hopeless, right? Okay,

Jules  33:45  
I hope they did, too. It wasn't very crushing for me either.

I don't know.

Like, I'm trying to think, I don't know, maybe around seven or eight. But it I don't know. Like, whenever I thought about Christmas, I just never really associated it with Santa when I was younger, which I know is like backwards, but I just was like, whatever. But we lived in like a two storey apartment and my dad was like, way downstairs and I was like, Okay, sure. So I was like, downstairs and my dad like left, he like walked outside the front door. And I was like, just chilling there. And then I heard like a really loud bang in my room, maybe like five minutes later. So I was like FBI, I was like, who's up there? So I went up there. And there was like a huge keyboard, like halfway out my window and halfway, like in my room. And I was like what the fuck? And then like, I swore I saw Santa. Like I swore I saw him out my window. I was like, holy shit that Santa. But it wasn't Santa. It was my dad dressed up as Santa. He did that all on purpose to make me think that Santa came but it was like not even Christmas and it was in the daytime and I was Like, I was like, okay, he said, don't go upstairs. And then that happened the sound then I saw Santa on like a Thursday. So like, I was like, Yeah, I was like, there's no Santa. He Santa. My dad is Santa. And then I was like Santa. I was away. I was like, I know that he's my own personal Santa. He's not everybody else's Santa. We're together all Christmas. So that's kind of just how I figured I put the pieces together. It sucks, though. Because I know my dad was trying to do something really special for me and like, trying to make me see Santa and get me excited, but I'm too smart for all that shit. Brian, you're a little detective. And now he's just making moonshine Santa has gone downhill. like Santa isn't a new factory. He took a different path. So that's that's how I found out about that. I don't know where dosha was. I don't know if she existed. I know she existed. But she was somewhere. It was just me and Santa in that moment.

Hope  35:55  
So Santa had a midlife crisis. And

Jules  35:58  
yeah, her throwing moonshine his daughter grew up and was really bad. And he was like, fuck it. Um, let me tell you a really funny story, though. So on Christmas, I mean, on Thanksgiving this year, I went to Roberts families. And him, like Robert and me. And then Rob's older brother and Rob's mom, we were all just sitting there talking about Christmas and like about how like when Robert and Roberts brother were kids. And Roberts mom was talking about how like, she told them like whenever Santa wasn't real, or whenever they found out Santa wasn't real, and was just talking about how Santa is not real and how the kids took it when they found out. But all of Roberts brothers children were there. And we all forgot that we were surrounded by three other kids. So Robert kept trying to be like, him, him like stop and like, and she just didn't realize that the risk kids there and Mark, like Rob's older brother was like, my kids are right here. And she was like, I totally forgot that we are with the kids like it was just that that we were just talking. And so all three of those fucking children just had to sit there and listen to their grandma talk about Santa is not real. So that was one of the greatest things ever. Because I wasn't even thinking about it either. I was so caught up in conversation. I was like, Oh, no, what did we do? And you know, like, she felt so bad. Like, oh, I'm sure she's young. They're young kids. It's just like, Oh, shit. So that was a really funny moment. That's such a like, Hallmark movie moment.

Hope  37:30  
I know I would have reveled in it. I would have been like, this is so great. Fantastic. Like, that is hilarious. I'd be so happy if it wasn't me, you know? And yeah, it was like Broadway to me. Oh, fuck, that's Mm hmm. Okay, so Christmas has Starbucks.

Jules  37:51  
Okay. Christmas at Starbucks is kind of annoying. I mean, it's fun, but it's also really fucking annoying to me just because I hate customers and whatever. But it's beautiful. Because like, whenever Christmas rolls out like Starbucks as a big like, we get to stay overnight and like set up the store, which is like one of like, the most fun things ever. It's you're off the clock. You're decorating. Like you're looking at all this stuff that comes in and like the merchandise and it's so much fun.

Hope  38:19  
So I started like, go wear your PJs day and like, oh, that night everybody like came in their PJs and just had coffee and like decorated it was so fun.

Jules  38:28  
One thing that's not fun about Starbucks in the winter time is when people start complaining to us that the cups aren't like as crisp Christian Christmassy as they should be. Yes, the red cup

Hope  38:43  

Jules  38:45  
Wow. Incredibly like, like, I don't know, just like fucked up yet to be to like care about that that much. And

Hope  38:54  
yeah, like they not everybody celebrates Christmas,

Jules  38:57  

Hope  38:58  
They literally did not have to do that. They just did. And then they did like a plain red cup. I had people ordering coffee as Jesus.

Jules  39:08  
Yeah, me too. Like,

Hope  39:11  
they literally ordered coffee as Jesus. I just yelled it out like tomoka

Jules  39:15  
Jesus and Trump. I got a lot of Trump cups.

Hope  39:18  
Yeah, I got a few Trump cups. Yeah.

Jules  39:20  
But I chose to be so stupid. And like, I mean ordering as like Jesus or Trump or whatever. It's just kind of like, I know you think I'm gonna say it and like, that's gonna make your dick hard, but like, I'm not

Hope  39:36  
like, You're so stupid.

Jules  39:37  
Yeah, like stop being stupid

Hope  39:38  
like cringy and then they're gonna do they have something over you know, I'm gonna make this Starbucks worker and they don't tip.

Yeah. Like,

Jules  39:50  
oh my god. It's just ridiculous.

Hope  39:52  
I mean, hips around Christmas though. Whoo.

Jules  39:55  
Whoo, baby. Oh, they were so nice. I Like, whenever I worked at Starbucks, I would always like volunteer to work on holidays because I liked my job and the money.

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