Bucky Booze

everybody dies with spencer johnson

January 15, 2021 Bucky Booze Episode 27
Bucky Booze
everybody dies with spencer johnson
Bucky Booze
everybody dies with spencer johnson
Jan 15, 2021 Episode 27
Bucky Booze

This week Spencer Johnson joins the podcast. He is a good friend of Jules and a musician. Check him out at Spencer Emil Johnson and listen to the episode to hear some deep and funny conversations.

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Show Notes Transcript

This week Spencer Johnson joins the podcast. He is a good friend of Jules and a musician. Check him out at Spencer Emil Johnson and listen to the episode to hear some deep and funny conversations.

Support the show (https://buckybooze.square.site/product/%2Fdonate/4)

Jules  0:11  

Hope  0:12  

Jules  0:13  
Welcome to another episode of Bucky Booze. I'm Julie.

Hope  0:18  
I'm hope and we have Introduce yourself.

Spencer  0:25  
Okay, I didn't know what was Yeah, Spencer.

Jules  0:30  
So yeah, we have Spencer and I love him. He's one of my greatest friends ever. I'm super obsessed. You know, I was thinking today, when I was like driving around daydreaming like I do, I was like, What am I going to say for Spencer? And I was like, well, just like beat by being your friend and you liking me. I automatically feel like a cooler person. So that's something that's really cool about our friendship. Just straight up feel cool as fuck. Do you want to start with what are you into?

Hope  1:01  
Okay, yes. So I've been making bread. Like a lot of bread. I got the starter from my aunt and it was a lot more fucking work than I thought it would be. So I'm mad about it. But if it turns out great, then I'll be happy. Turns out bad that I'm going to be really angry that I wasted all this time. And that's it. I'm just making bread. I'm very late domestic

Jules  1:28  
UI late to the bread thing.

Hope  1:29  
Well, I didn't like set out to make bread. My aunt just had a starter and gave it to me what type of bread they're like sourdough like, I don't know. It's Amish friendship. Bread.

Unknown Speaker  1:41  
Okay, so I have no idea what that is.

Hope  1:43  
It's just plain bread. You just get this starter and you feed it like sugar and flour and stuff. And then you mix water and flour and salt into it and bake it.

Unknown Speaker  1:53  
Okay, no yeast. No yeast.

Hope  1:56  
I think the starter has yeast in it. Oh, yeah. I think that's what you're feeding. But I don't know. I'm not like a bread expert or a baker by any means. Just not yet. Yeah.

Spencer  2:10  
Yeah, exactly. Time will tell.

Jules  2:13  
Bread is like the greatest wonder of the world. I still don't understand how it works. It's very complicated process, I think. But I actually have zero interest in it. Like, like, I

Hope  2:26  
remember you a starter.

Jules  2:27  
I'll try some of your bread. But I remember like at the beginning of quarantine when like making bread was the thing. I was just like, I would rather just

Hope  2:36  
not buy bread. That's what I thought too. And then I was gifted the starter so I'm trying it.

Unknown Speaker  2:43  
Yeah, I mean, I I definitely looked into it. I want to make sourdough bread just because I eat it all the time. Like it's eco bread and stuff like that. So it'd be cool to like make a loaf and not have to, you know, go to a store. You could freeze one and

Hope  2:54  
and it's very simple ingredients.

Unknown Speaker  2:57  
Just salt in the water. And then yeah, I guess depending on what you want to make. There's like so many different ways to make, like bread now, but yeah.

Hope  3:06  
True. So where do you want to go?

Jules  3:10  
Sure. Um, okay, so I'm actually feeling pretty rich right now. I told my co workers. Yeah, I told my co workers I was going to quit. Because I'm getting my tax return. I was like, I'm rich. You can find me in a penthouse somewhere. But when I was filing my taxes for 2020 they asked if I got my stimulus. And I was like, No, and they're like, well, you're low income qualifies you to get it so they're giving me my stimulus checks with my tax return. And so now I'm just kind of like big balling. And rich, and I'm gonna save money.

Unknown Speaker  3:48  
That's awesome. Yeah. How much? Are they still doing this? 600 stimulus? Is that two k? Are they

Hope  3:54  
I got the 600 stimulus. Oh, nice. I didn't get the first one though. Oh, really? Yeah.

Jules  4:01  
I take credit it both of them to me, so they might credit you whenever you do your tax. I'm getting $3,000 Oh, holy shit. Yeah.

Spencer  4:07  
So yeah, you're getting

Hope  4:08  
Yeah, she's bawling. I'm really ready.

Unknown Speaker  4:11  
So I'm dependent on my parents taxes. So I feel the exact opposite from you. Well, I'm not gonna say money because I don't have that money. So. Yeah. Okay. What I'm into I'm trying to think about it. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy recently. I don't know that's just something that I got into that I've heard about my entire life because everybody Yeah, everybody fucking talks about it. I've never seen an episode and it's one of my favorite shows of all time now. And I'm only like, not even a quarter of the way each season has 25 episodes. And there are 17 seasons.

Hope  4:45  
Oh my god. I love that though. I

Unknown Speaker  4:47  
do it's so good that like every episode is like the show could probably end here like especially now with like miniseries and stuff and something is so crucial each episodes in our two seasons and you're like, yeah, I'm done. I feel like I've been Drag through gravel and stuff like that just going through this. And that's how every episode feels like so like, I have no idea how I'm supposed to watch it for 17 seasons but I'm only on like the end of season two or the beginning of season three and it's like one of the best shows ever so that's

Hope  5:16  
Hell yeah, I want to drink so let's do it.

Jules  5:20  
Do you want to try a new drink for booze? Try the same old I knew that you probably wanted to.

Unknown Speaker  5:27  

Hope  5:29  
I have I'm gonna sound so stupid saying this. rhinegeist rhina guys, it says Cincy made little bubs session rosae ale with Apple peach and cranberry.

Jules  5:43  
Oh, that sounds delightful.

Unknown Speaker  5:45  
Is it a neat or is it like normal beer?

Hope  5:48  
I don't know. It just says a bright and refined session rosae ale with Apple peach and cranberry, a tight and crisp expression with a smaller ABV compared to its bigger cousin little Bub. Okay, that's disappointing. Why would you like brag about a smaller ABV?

Spencer  6:04  
Yeah, that

Hope  6:04  
was that's embarrassing I've

Unknown Speaker  6:06  
ever seen on a beer as well. If that's a beer, it just kept going and going I thought they would just say you know, drink it.

Jules  6:14  
I'm drinking the dark matter black IPA. It was crafted in Nashville. It's got 6.2% and it has this beautiful little image Sorry, my Mac camera qualities

Hope  6:27  
Dark Matter cue. It's like very retro retro.

Unknown Speaker  6:31  
actually looks really cool. Yeah. I have the classic bonnet vive coconut pineapple zero sugar spike sells. Spike seltzer. I can't believe I bought that name considering I drink this every day.

Jules  6:50  
That's my favorite one. You know?

Unknown Speaker  6:52  
This one's good. Mango is probably my favorite repair elderflower. And this has 4.5 per son and alcohol content.

Hope  7:01  
I don't know what the percentage is on this by tasted it and it's very weird.

Spencer  7:04  
It's weird. Yeah, it's like

Unknown Speaker  7:07  
it's like sour fruit in there and stuff. Yeah, it probably tastes like a lot different than yours.

Hope  7:13  
Like, it smells like beer, but it tastes like wine. Really?

Unknown Speaker  7:18  
Yeah. Sounds like a meat or something. Like it doesn't have hops in it or I don't know.

Hope  7:22  
Yeah, I don't know. It's really good. Like, I like this. I'll drink it. But I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Jules  7:29  
That's really good. It's really really heavy. And like, it looks super bitter. But I guess it's a black IPA, but. But no, it's really good. It's a booze. I really like it. It's it's just sticks there in the back of your throat. And it just says Yeah, well,

Hope  7:45  
that's what a heavy beer does. Mine is a boost to if I didn't already say it's like actually really good. I'm liking it more and more every time I drink it.

Jules  7:54  
I'm glad you like it because you're not a wine girl, you

Unknown Speaker  7:56  

Hope  7:57  
Yeah, I'm not like at all I'm like, I just don't like it. It tastes like old applesauce. Like, I don't know what it is about wine, red

Spencer  8:05  

Hope  8:06  
I don't know I kind of like white wine better than red wine. But I did have a, I have a good red wine. I do have a red wine to try that is going to be good. But when I try it, but nice little secret a cab girl these

Jules  8:17  
days. I love red wine. I used to not like red wine. Well, I didn't know because I never bought it because it's kind of intimidating. But now it's like, I'll drink a good Cabernet any day of the week. So um,

Unknown Speaker  8:31  
I have to be careful now, because I didn't know that a lot of the processes. They had like animal life products in it. So I didn't know that. And then so now I have to find specific vegan wines. But I mean, I go to sprouts and stuff and I found a really good red wine that was like, it was like 14 a bottle. So it wasn't like cheap. But I mean like when you get older if you'd like just try to control yourself even the tiniest bit you can have like a glass and I and not go overboard. If you really try so

Jules  8:55  
well. I drink a bottle at your house the other night. Yeah, no, he did. But

Unknown Speaker  8:59  
I wasn't trying to contain myself either that night, so I felt like yeah, I felt fine, too. Yeah.

Jules  9:14  
So Spencer, the way that we're kind of structuring This is like, we have just some funny, the thing about you is you're so passionate with like everything you talk about, you just get really intense and passionate about it. So we just kind of like got some good questions up and just kind of hear your point of view on everything and

Hope  9:34  
kind of stuff that you can really like, short your attention.

Spencer  9:38  
Okay, good.

Hope  9:39  
Yeah. Get us talking. And it doesn't have to be like, it could be deep. It could be funny. It could be whatever. So I'm kind of excited.

Jules  9:50  
Can I begin?

Hope  9:51  
Yeah, go ahead. I don't have that many questions.

Jules  9:54  
Okay, so this is okay. Hope Do you remember how Spencer and I became friends

Hope  9:59  
because you're Like a Twitter fan, okay,

Jules  10:02  
so I want to explain this to the people listening. So when I lived in Georgia, somebody somehow I don't know, somebody must have retweeted this video that Spencer made on Twitter and it was fucking hilarious. And I just like literally fell in love with you. And I didn't know anything about you, I just thought you were some random person that was making a funny video. So I was just like sending it and sharing it. And I just became a fan like, honestly. And then I moved to Tennessee, and I met Robert and he told me that he like knows you or that you live here. And I was like, No, he doesn't like he does something. He's like, no dead as he lives here. And it took me a while to believe it. And then he sent me a picture with you at that party. And I was like, Holy fuck,

Unknown Speaker  10:45  
I remember him walking up to me and taking that picture. Because he was like, dude, you care if I can take a picture with you. He's like, yeah, my girlfriend loves you. I was like, what

Unknown Speaker  10:54  
I was like,

Jules  10:56  
a fan, like, recreated his videos before I even met him, which is weird now, but, but I want to talk about that for a second because I know you don't have those videos up anymore. But I mean, they got a lot of traction like was that just like, overnight, you just woke up and you saw your videos were super poppin are what

Unknown Speaker  11:12  
it was, I don't know how we'll actually do for some of them. I would make like, you know, shorter videos and stuff like that trying to be like, they're just, I don't know, trying to get attention, I guess. And like a way that like, humorous or whatever. And so I would do videos like that. And then one of them. I was pretending I was doing like a workout routine. And I was in the bathroom and the videos, the cameras in front of me or whatever. So I was sitting there and I was like, Alright, so now for my routine, I stood up and then my dick was in between my legs. And then that was like the video and then one of my friends is friends with this girl who's like, popular on Twitter and like on social media and stuff. And she found it from him and then retweeted that video. And then multiple other people did. So I just kept posting videos, because I knew it would get traction. I really, some of them. I didn't really care about the quality like that much, which I guess you shouldn't do if you're like, you know, trying to post things, but I just kept going on that and then getting more and more than I had that one. Like awful like, Whoa, video, whatever, where I was like joking. And I was like, stop. And then that one got like 40 k retweets and then and then you get like death threats at that point just for existing on Twitter. Yeah, I was like, I don't really feel like doing that anymore. So that's why just because it was like really annoying. You posted like random video and someone's like in your DMS like I hate you. It's like, Okay, what the fuck? Yeah, do like want to fight. It's like, I have no idea who you are. And you're meaningless. Like I don't Yeah, but yeah, that was a wild.

Jules  12:47  
Is that something you wanted to do that like that you meant to do?

Unknown Speaker  12:51  
No, but I knew I could like push it further and further. I just like, I don't know, I was watching. I was in the movies. One time, I was watching a movie. And I was like, What if I just deleted all these videos right now. And I just deleted all of them. And I was like, Damn, I probably shouldn't.

Jules  13:02  
Yeah, I was so sad. Yeah. And I

Unknown Speaker  13:05  
deleted them from my phone. But I also play music. So I didn't oops, I just touched my knee. That was my bad. Everything I'm as

Hope  13:12  
big of a deal.

Unknown Speaker  13:14  
But the world was like collapsing around me when I saw like, move. But anyway, so no, I didn't mean to like do it at first, but I knew I could like push it and but I was like playing music at the same time. And I didn't want to be taken as like a comedian because I like music is like my main thing. And it's hard to be taken as seriously as like, not seriously, but just like this is my thing as a songwriter when I'm making like, I don't know jokes and shit on Twitter and like you people like we're the joke videos. We were the joke videos.

Hope  13:44  
Just expecting one thing. You're a renaissance man. You can't just I can't make funny videos.

Unknown Speaker  13:53  
But like, that's like if you made one joke one time you didn't think anything of it. And someone was like what, like, make a joke about like that thing? I'm like, Nah, I don't really care. Yes, I just I make that joke again. It's kind of like I don't want to make the not gonna make a joke. Cuz like, that's not. I don't know, the world sucks. Like right now. I want to make jokes. Yeah,

Hope  14:12  
right. Have you ever disagreed with someone and realized you were wrong? And then what the fuck my throat just made the weirdest. I thought that was me. I like felt it in my throat like I heard it. I don't know. little spice to my question. So you ever, like disagree with someone realize you're wrong? And you have to swallow that pride? Or do you just like not just be like, whatever and move on. I know this question is kind of like, out of left field. But

Unknown Speaker  14:40  
I usually try to repress times that I'm wrong. Because like, I just don't like to think about whenever I don't know why obviously, I'll self reflect and be like, Oh, I was wrong in this. I'm just trying to think of a specific. I mean, I've been in my house with my mom and dad for a year. So I mean, I've had disagreements with them, but like I'm I can't really Think about one where I was wrong with them. I don't know. I'm trying to think back before. I was like, damn. Like I was I was wrong.

Hope  15:12  
That's just something that's like, hard to deal with. It's like

Unknown Speaker  15:17  
a massive Have you had like a massive disagreement, and then

Hope  15:20  
nothing massive. I don't really get in fights with people often, but I have been like, I probably like, shouldn't have said that I shouldn't have done now. Whatever. I'll apologize if I have to. But yeah, usually I do try to just sweep it under the rug and be like, hope they moved on. Because I did.

Jules  15:36  

Hope  15:37  
I don't. I don't like think about it too much. Right. Unless it's like a big giant thing, which hasn't happened to me. But ultimately, like small things where I'm wrong.

Jules  15:48  
Yeah, if it's in the moment, and I realize, like, very quickly, like, Oh, damn, I'll say something. But

Hope  15:56  
yes, I'm actively arguing. Yeah, that has happened to me where I was like, I can't remember what you're talking about. But I was talking to my uncle. And he was saying something. And I was like, No, but blah, blah, blah. And then I realized I was like, Oh, shit, like, you're actually right. And I was like, you know, sorry, dude, I didn't realize what I was fucking talking about. My bad. I think it's easiest just to laugh off.

Jules  16:19  
Yeah, I'd rather just forget it. Whenever I think of something that I did wrong, or embarrassing, or

Hope  16:26  
embarrassing ones cripple me,

Jules  16:28  
I just avoid thinking about my problems, which is really, really bad. Because most of my problems are like, my credit card or something like that, that I really need to get on top of. And I'm just like, I'll forget about it. If I just keep doing stuff like that the next day.

Hope  16:49  
Just purposely not check your account.

Jules  16:52  
No. Yeah. I mean, when they sell you sometimes I don't even like I just scroll really fast to Zelda and and I'm like, that's it. So yeah, I'm doing really well. But now that I'm rich,

Spencer  17:05  
I'll handle some things. Oh, poor.

Hope  17:09  
See if I can.

Jules  17:11  
Okay, well. Okay, I have a question. I noticed that you've been streaming, right. I watched almost all of them, because I turned your notifications on. I can watch them. But is that something that you think you're gonna do? Or is that just a way to like, kill time right now?

Unknown Speaker  17:28  
I mean, it's sort of like a way to kill time I like I love like watching Twitch, some people streaming games. And one of my best friends Zach, he streams a lot and he's gotten me into like, twitch and stuff like that, too. And I don't know, it's just something to kill time. But it is cool how you can like interact with people can see like what you're doing as opposed to like, you know, Instagram Live and like, just seeing what's like their face. Just

Hope  17:51  
Yeah. Yeah,

Jules  17:53  
we know a lot about Instagram lives. Yeah, unfortunately.

But ya know,

Hope  17:58  
it's really fun.

Unknown Speaker  18:00  
Yeah, they're fun to watch. I just like watching them. And if I'm playing a game, like recently, I've just been replaying games. So like, I don't need to pay that much attention to it. So it's sort of like just a thing that like I'm just passing time and people can watch if they want to watch and most people obviously don't watch but like it's cool. You turn your notifications on because

Jules  18:17  
well, I like to text you in it. Like to demand to know who your viewers are. Yeah, but I think you can see who Yeah, yeah, even as a viewer times

Unknown Speaker  18:27  
you can't just say another twist cheap TV viewer if they Oh,

Jules  18:30  
I thought that was a username. No, I

Unknown Speaker  18:32  
thought I thought it was that first. There's somebody that's always in there watching I have no idea who that is. And I don't know if twitch just does that to like, make your stream look like it has people in it. I don't know what it is, but they never find

Hope  18:45  
it happy Bobo.

Spencer  18:48  
Okay, that's mine

Jules  18:48  
his name? Jules. No, mine is Jules done is fun.

Spencer  18:55  
My only friend

Hope  19:05  
would you rather be a hero or a sidekick?

Unknown Speaker  19:08  
And why? That's kind of like asking Would you rather be famous or semi famous? And like the same way they are. But sidekick doesn't take shit for like the main issues like a main issues goes wrong. It's like Yeah, fuck Batman. But like, yeah, if, if it like I don't know, Robin really can't get blamed for anything's like, you can't you can't punch downwards, you know, a punch upwards. I don't know. I'd rather be a sidekick that's better than the superhero. I don't know. But like, in some way. I don't know. I'm trying to think of a sidekick that's better than the superhero and I can't. But then again, I guess like, just based out of like subtle narcissism I'd rather be a hero to because I couldn't go to sleep at night knowing that like he cared about me as much as the other person that I was with. So

Jules  20:00  
Yeah, same here. I'd definitely rather be the fixing. Would you rather be Michael or Dwight? You know, I definitely rather be Michael. For the simple reason that I like to be the best one. And that's just what I like.

Unknown Speaker  20:14  
Why I think of Dwight as like a leader in a way where he's like, in a different way, but yeah,

Hope  20:19  
he's just so fucking weird. He doesn't give a shit. which I love.

Jules  20:23  
Yeah, hope his mind right when I think about hope, I think what do I think? What do I think about hope? I don't

Hope  20:28  
know what it is. But if you just think I'm worse than you. Well, it's

Jules  20:32  
just that you have no hope I've thought this before I made that statement. But because you know what? I'm talking about those glasses ever since you put them on? I can't unsee it.

Unknown Speaker  20:43  
Someone call me Do I don't know. So

Hope  20:47  
I've gotten called Jeffrey Dahmer. And Dwight, whenever I wear those glasses, I'm like a little girl. I'm not like this big, tall man with like, a big brow bone. I don't fucking know. Whatever.

Unknown Speaker  21:00  
Jeffrey Dahmer is a lot worse than white. So I don't know.

Hope  21:04  
What's your end, but he seems more like a main character, I guess.

Unknown Speaker  21:09  
Dwight as a main character. That was my favorite character. More than creed. I love Dwyer more than everyone in life. No, I'm just kidding. But I love him for the I do love him more than creed. I know. I know how people like Craig because he's the guy that's like, my dish chopped off. And he says that's the only thing he says and like an episode. He hasn't said that in an episode. I'm just giving an example. And he would never say that because you can say that on TV. But like he is I mean, he's all right.

Hope  21:33  
But he isn't in the show as much as Dwight. And he is was like developed as a character. I don't think and she's not like her

Unknown Speaker  21:41  
development through Dwight is like, there that was the only thing they can latch on to through the entire show. Like, because like Jim and Pam, they made that way too long. Yeah. And then we all know I love like the later parts of like the office, but like they they really just beat the shit out of like every single story. Oh, yeah. But again, I didn't care about Jim and Pam's like this is annoying.

Hope  22:01  
And then, and then when they were fighting and shit, I had nothing invested in it. I

Jules  22:07  
hated it. I literally, I didn't

Hope  22:09  
give a fuck.

Unknown Speaker  22:10  
Like he literally gave up like, he was literally like, yeah, follow your dreams. And then she's understanding and then like, it makes complete sense. And then like, they're in a really understanding relationship. And he's like, Hey, I have this really awesome thing that can propel us. She's like, Yeah, kind of just want to stay here forever, and goes against her whole entire character. Yeah, from season three. I was like, yeah, that she literally was like, I don't want to be here forever. I can't, I don't want to do this. And then Jim was the person that let her know, like, I can be whatever I want. And he was like, Hey, I can do whatever I want. She was like, No, no, you can't. Like that's not her character. Like, yeah,

Jules  22:44  
it was it was just so stupid. And then Andy

Unknown Speaker  22:46  
and oh my gosh, and then Andy and Aaron. Were everything. And he goes on this weird psychosis trip because little denine of us filming the hangover, and that's why they let him off the show. Like for a little bit because he had a film.

Hope  22:59  

Unknown Speaker  23:00  
Yeah, for the hangover. That was a success for him. But he comes back. And then the whole relationship for like, two seasons or three seasons even was built up. He drove to Florida. I was like, fuck my job, fuck everything. And then, and then brought her back. Told us ex girlfriend, he was gay. drove off, came back. I'm not gay, and then drove back and they're dating. Just for all that to crumble. She's dating Pete.

Hope  23:26  
Yeah, all Yeah, what the fuck? Who is? Like, yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  23:34  
we're talking about anymore. Main characters are heroes. But the writers of that part, were not the heroes or the sidekick. They were just Yeah, they were just straight villains. And

Jules  23:46  
I like when Krita threw his keys to nothing. Yeah, when he's like, keep it running. Yeah, that's really inspiring to me. Like, I live by that, honestly. So I love that. You know who I hate Stanley.

Unknown Speaker  24:02  
Stanley. Yeah, you don't like they don't like Steve. No,

Jules  24:05  
I he he's never said one thing that's made me laugh and he's such a like, a he's just not even knowing

Spencer  24:11  
not even up your butt?

Hope  24:13  
Of course not.

Jules  24:16  
So no, I don't like sembly isn't it? My isn't my turn. Spencer. Do you have any questions for us?

Hope  24:25  
I'm here, we're gonna have you on the show. And then you can ask us. Wouldn't that be fun? Doesn't that sound great? I'm

Unknown Speaker  24:31  
really bad at asking questions like when?

Hope  24:34  
Why would you ask him?

Unknown Speaker  24:36  
I asked. JB

Unknown Speaker  24:38  
What is your what what did you think your favorite parts were gonna be about? Starting a podcast? Like what did you think like in the future like this will be really good. Like, for you like as your own person like for both of you.

Hope  24:53  
Like what i thought i would love the most about podcasting. Yeah, versus what I actually love the most.

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
Yeah, as opposed to Yeah. Did you think about or was it just sort of like

Jules  25:07  
you? Oh, you know what, okay, this is my thing. When I hope and I, in the first couple weeks of planning the podcast, we would have meetings all the time. And I had this cute little like, book, what's it called notebook and I wrote a bunch of ideas down a bunch of less call ideas down episode ideas less like boozer loses whatever. And I was like, This is so fun. I'm so organized. Like, we're gonna have meetings, we're gonna just be such cute little boss, babes, honestly. And now it's I know. And now it's like, it's kind of just like, Hey, we should record today or tomorrow. What

Spencer  25:46  
do you do?

Unknown Speaker  25:46  

Hope  25:47  
I know, we had such a schedule. And let's record. I like it better though. I like the more relaxed, like, do it when we can thing. I don't know. I thought that like having a schedule would be good for me. And like, I need structure. I need this and that, but I can never fucking keep it. I like, I can't I just like cannot keep up with anything ever. I'm just terrible with that.

Unknown Speaker  26:11  
But really organized people though. So it seems like you keep to a schedule. I mean, from the outside looking in. I

Hope  26:16  
mean, I know. It's just, I mean, it's so weird how people see others like, Oh, you seem like blah, blah, blah. And it's like really big, like people have told me like, I seem like I have my shit together multiple times. And

Unknown Speaker  26:29  
I'm like, rooms clean. Your room is really clean behind you. So

Hope  26:31  
100 did that the room was a mess. And I was like, we have to clean it. And then while I was like, fiddling around, he just cleans the room. For me.

Spencer  26:40  
It's just a shout out on her.

Hope  26:43  
Yeah, thank you. My my favorite part, though. And what I always thought would be my favorite part was being able to talk to Julie like every week all the time, because we you know, like we're busy now we just Yeah, can always do it. So it's really nice. Having like a set time where nothing can interrupt us. We're just able to talk and I think it's fun.

Unknown Speaker  27:04  
I love it. Yeah. And you're being yourselves too. You're not like playing up who you are, which a lot of people do. Yeah, cameras turned on and stuff like that, which is like really annoying. Because if you know them, you can like see through it. And people don't know them and see through it too. It's like, no way you talk like that. And yeah,

Jules  27:19  
yeah, I know you're talking about See that's something that actually I kind of worried about in the beginning. Because I mean, I wouldn't say that I'm when I'm at home or podcasting that I'm a very professional person. But I don't know, I think that's like something really awesome about our podcast is like we don't censor ourselves like I will vape right here right now. Like, I'll do whatever I normally do. And people appreciate that most of our reviews are people saying like, Oh, it's very authentic, very genuine. So, I mean, I guess that's the coolest part of the people like us that just for being regular.

Hope  27:54  
Yeah, it's very validating. But it's also like I'm not gonna fucking focus on it because I know bad reviews are coming, but whatever. You haven't gotten the bad ones

Jules  28:03  
All right. But yeah, we're really thankful that we haven't gotten any better reviews yet. Please don't leave us any anybody listening. Okay, I have a question. I am like super obsessed with like inspirational videos and all of that kind of stuff because it's I hate them. It's a person that I am but I do have a question. Have you had any like, really huge like realizations like during Corona and everything that like you just have to have the time to sit and list like think to yourself or have you not thought anything? Um,

Hope  28:38  
have you not thought anything? But if you don't have a big realization It doesn't mean you haven't thought anything.

Jules  28:44  
I was empty out here

Unknown Speaker  28:46  
like this for an entire year just watching you can't see what I just did and everything just went silent but I stared at the desk like a zombie but i mean i definitely realized that an alcohol problem at one point just like to get kind of serious and like joke about at the same time so I'm not doing anything to fix it but obviously but yeah I'm trying to think of any other

Jules  29:13  
well I haven't had any so it doesn't matter. I was literally just asking because another question that I had was just kind of like people say like, oh you have all this time like it's a blessing in disguise especially like for artists to be creative and blah blah blah, but I just don't feel like Coronavirus motivated anyone to do anything or to think any deeper just be just extra time which isn't really dicing yet. We're just not allowed to go places. I don't know. It's just awesome for me. Yeah, I mean, it totally brought my spirits down. 100% I don't feel motivated because I can't go anywhere. I just feel bored and like stuck at home. You know what I mean? A lot

Unknown Speaker  29:49  
of like when, especially when, you know, the Black Lives Matter movement was growing like a strong head and how they can really strong Like for us on social media, and everybody was posting about at one point, like, obviously, everybody should still do what it takes because it doesn't just end there. But like, this year, like so many things have been happening to where like, just creativity wise, it feels kind of pointless to say, like, hey, look at this, even though as, you know, independent people, like in the round that we are because we're creating something, you know, whether it be podcasts, or music or writing or stuff like that, like, you have to say like, hey, like, Listen to me, or like, look at this, because like, how are you supposed to, you know, exist, you can't just put that on hold, but it feels weird, because a lot of the time I was like, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say something right now, because it just feels really, like, I don't know, it just kind of feels disrespectful in a way or whatever. But like, everybody's different. You have to like operate. You can't like yeah, be. I don't know,

Jules  30:48  
I feel that I feel like, it's weird, because there's kind of this added, like sense of pressure to where you almost feel guilty for talking about anything else, especially talking about yourself. I totally get what you mean. And I also agree with you. No, I mean, I know it sounds bad. But I agree with you saying like, you can't just put everything on. Everything still has to keep moving. But no, I get what you're saying that makes a lot of sense.

Hope  31:25  
Here's another one that is like kind of deep, but I don't know. Yes. Why do you think people like why do you think people repeat the same mistakes when they know it's like stupid or wrong? Damn, that is really deep question.

Unknown Speaker  31:43  
There. I mean, there are a lot of examples of that, that are completely different, but lie under the same. Like statement. I'm trying to think of

Hope  31:53  

Unknown Speaker  31:54  
Yeah, I mean, you you could repeat something over and over wanting a different outcome, that that's a way that's a mistake. Because you know, you know, it's been the same thing for this amount of times. But then there's the thing that you're like doing that's fucked up. That's over and over again, that you think you can just do and then you'll stop eventually? I don't know. There's I don't know. I feel like people just don't really, people are really selfish. Like normally. And it's not even just like, just saying selfish is really isn't an insult most of the time because we all do things for us. Whether Yeah, for other people, like I can care about somebody so much, but I'm doing this for them because I think I have to do this thing for them. Because I think I have to. Yeah, I don't know, most people are selfish. So I watched a friend's episode one time and then Joey said, you know, to Phoebe, she said, he said, try to do try to find one thing in your entire life. It's not selfish. And it's friends and it's all like, haha, but at the end of the day, holy shit. There's like nothing in life that isn't selfish. Whether Yeah, maybe the most caring person.

Hope  32:56  
My mom and I were actually just talking about this. That's like a god, my head is empty right now. I can't even think of the word. What is it? You know, philosophy, philosophical thing, like, there's no way to not be selfish, even like the most selfless acts have selfish intentions. Like, just like you're giving money to this man on the street? Because it makes you feel better.

Unknown Speaker  33:21  
Yeah, I think they could do this without that's what you're thinking in your head. Yeah. Yeah, it's impossible not to be selfish. I think people are just you got to find a way to operate around, not be self absorbed.

Hope  33:33  
Yeah, I think the best way to go about that would be like, impact, trying to think about the impact of others, because it's gonna benefit you either way. But think of like, the biggest impact you could have on others versus like me giving some homeless man 10 bucks is gonna have a bigger impact than me like purchasing something from like a local place for 10 bucks, probably. I'll give someone something to eat. But then 10 bucks at a local store will give them something to eat, but it'll be dispersed differently. So maybe Actually, I don't know. Yeah, something to think about.

Spencer  34:09  
Yeah, a lot of dimensions to that. Yeah. Yeah.

Jules  34:13  

Spencer  34:13  
Why do you think?

Jules  34:15  
Well, I was, it was good to hear you say that. Like, you do things for selfish reasons, reasons. But you think it's for somebody else, but it's really for you, which is like, something that I had kind of happened with my parents like in the last year. Basically, I would lie to them to make them feel better, because I thought it would be better for them to think that than like, the truth, but really, it was just like me trying to like protect myself or whatever, which was a selfish thing to do, because in the end, I ended up hurting my parents. So I totally agree with that. It was good to hear somebody else say that. And then also like with the thing about like, giving back and stuff I've definitely said When it comes to like giving back that I think it is, obviously we all want to help people. But I've admitted that it's pretty selfish because I, it makes me feel really good to do things like that. And though it's not like my motivating force, it's definitely like, in the back of my mind, like, this is gonna feel so good when I do this, like, unintentionally, everything that you do is selfish.

Unknown Speaker  35:24  
I mean, some things are intentional, but it's not a bad feeling, whether that's something will make you feel good, as long as it's like, you know, like you said, if you're thinking about the bigger impact for somebody else, that is the main thing that you just don't become absorbed, like with yourself and only ever outcomes for you. Right?

Unknown Speaker  35:40  
I agree. All right.

Hope  35:49  
Last call, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Jules  35:54  
That was so good. I know. Okay. Do you want to go first? Or do you want me to go first? Um,

Hope  36:02  
I You go first, and then I'll go after you. Okay,

Jules  36:05  
so my last call. Okay, so, I have this author who I'm obsessed with his name is Jedediah Jenkins and he wrote my favorite book of all time. And yesterday, I was like, let me watch these, like interviews with him because I miss him. And he has a book coming out next month. And I just got really excited. And he said, he talks about, like, not wasting your life and not just blinking your eye and then your ad and like you miss everything. So the quote is, routine is the enemy of time, which I just like 100% believe like right now, obviously, I have to work my stupid nine to five job and do the same thing every single day. And it's like wasting my time. Like, you know what I mean? Like, it's not what I want to be doing. I'm not getting the most out of life. But I really like what he said, because I like 100% believe that if you're doing the same thing every single day, and you're in this routine every single day, like your time has gone every day is the same like you don't have to think you don't have to like learn things. You know what I mean? So that's my quote. I really liked it and I want to quit my job.

Hope  37:18  
Okay, well, mine is from Hunter. It's not his quote, but he told me this is the one I should do. It's from Captain Spaulding. It's from the trilogy with houses of 1000 core corpses Devil's rejects and three from hell. Not sure which one it's from. But it's never turn your back on a fucking clown when he's talking to you. The end. That's my call. Never to back.

Unknown Speaker  37:47  
I think that's 1000 corpses, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, that are Devil's rejects in a while, but it's more cloud based on 1000 corpses than it was like, on Devil's rejects both brutal movies. Also, it

Jules  38:01  
doesn't have to be cool if you don't want it to

Unknown Speaker  38:03  
when I mean like, okay, I thought of one that it kind of coincides with yours. And it's pretty much just that everybody dies. And that can mean a lot of things. But a lot of it means like, you live your life for a while forgetting that it's going to happen to you, and that you can just do whatever you want. Or you can just do nothing at all, and everything will be fine. But it won't be because you will die and you will have done nothing in your entire life. And it's stressful to think about in every context of everything. But like, it really isn't that something that I've that's something that I've actually like goes back to the you know, major revelations or epiphany is like, or just, you know, self reflecting on things, like during all this is that, like, we see so much about death, like not only in, you know, social media, but with an AR, you know, friends and family and stuff like that, and not even just recently just in life and you realize, like, every single time it happens, you're like, oh, like this can happen to me. I mean, then you forget about it, but like, I don't ever think that you should forget about it. But don't look at it in a bad way. Just think like, you know, make the last thing you do, like the greatest thing that you've ever done for them, which for the most part like is anytime I do anything, like even just recording wise, if I'm doing a voice memo, and just coming up with an idea if it's bad, I have to keep making it until it's good. So I'm like, if I just die randomly, that's the last thing I left like on earth, and that's gonna destroy like, dead knee or something like that. I don't know, it's kind of stressful, even if you just put it on everything, but like, like, Oh, I have to do great, great, great things all the time. But I mean, you should definitely keep that in your mind. Like, it can happen to you. And like it is going to happen to you. It's just like, it's not a matter of if it's one so

Jules  39:48  
yeah, that's Yeah, I mean, yeah, that is kind of stressful, but I think you should choose to look at it as like a good kind of stress and like a kick in the ass. There. I don't know I just sometimes forget that I have the ability to do things that make me like super happy or excited and I just choose to like sleep till two and like not do anything shut off. Yeah. After like my credit card. Yeah,

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