Women in Fitness Business

Ep. 13 From 0 Clients To $30k+ Months

October 23, 2023 Kellie Sanders Season 2 Episode 13
Women in Fitness Business
Ep. 13 From 0 Clients To $30k+ Months
Show Notes

In this episode Kirby shares her journey of starting her fitness business with zero clients to now having over $30k+ months consistently (and growing every month).

(00:00) - Building a Successful Fitness Business Journey
(08:35) - Navigating Change and Success in Business
(17:51) - Overcoming Challenges in Business
(33:55) - Balancing Work, Family, and Personal Life
(38:56) - Finding Balance and Self-Growth in Work
(43:15) - Success and Confidence in Fitness Business

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