Women in Fitness Business

Ep: 14 From Adversity to Success: The Inspiring Journey of Fitness Business Owner Jude Leibel

November 01, 2023 Kellie Sanders
Women in Fitness Business
Ep: 14 From Adversity to Success: The Inspiring Journey of Fitness Business Owner Jude Leibel
Show Notes

What if you could pick up the pieces of your shattered life and transform it into something remarkable? Meet Jude, a former law enforcement officer, who did just that. After facing a storm of personal adversity that saw her lose a relationship and her home, Jude found her real passion and turned it into a thriving fitness business. In this episode, she generously shares her inspiring journey, demonstrating how resilience, positivity, and an iron will can be the catalysts for incredible transformation.

Jude's story is not just about triumph; it's also about navigating the challenging terrains of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. She shares her experiences of launching her business amidst financial and emotional struggles, and the pivotal role her support system played in helping her push through doubts and fears. She also gives us a peek into her unique approach to creating a welcoming environment at her fitness studio – complete with chickens, dogs, and a garden. Jude’s studio is more than just a fitness space; it's a place where authenticity reigns and people can just be themselves.

We also delve into the crux of Jude's success – her unwavering commitment to her own happiness. She fervently believes that money pales in contrast to true happiness. As we wrap up this episode, we leave you with Jude's infectious enthusiasm, her reminder that the right attitude and mindset can make all the difference, and her sage advice about staying true to yourself, surrounding yourself with the right people, and following your passion. Join us, and be inspired by Jude's incredible journey from adversity to success.

(00:06) - Jude's Journey
(09:13) - From Compromise to Success
(16:58) - Overcoming Challenges and Doubts in Business
(21:08) - Boosting Income With Mindset and Actions
(29:26) - Authentic Connections in a Charming Studio
(38:55) - Finding Happiness and Success

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