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Don't Cry
April 01, 2018 Chuck Smith, Jr
Intro: People were constantly coming to Jesus for a miracle Some of them hoped he would heal them – others begged him to heal a friend, a servant, a child • in this same chapter a group of Jewish elders argued on behalf of a Roman officer, If anyone deserves your help, he does, for he loves the Jewish people and even built a synagogue for us (vv. 4-5) • when John describes first miracle Jesus performed in Cana, ◦ it is as if his mother Mary practically had to coerce him to intervene – however, when Jesus saw this widow, no one had to ask for his help • his own heart compelled him to go to her ◦ he did not need to hear her story ◦ she did not need endorsements • he could see her desolation ◦ and his heart would not allow him to leave her in that condition ◦ he was right there, he had to do something
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